10 + 10 Opinion Expressions for Speaking

  • By Kanan Team
  • Mon Aug 31 2020

10 + 10 Opinion Expressions for Speaking

Hello everyone! It’s time to speak about IELTS Speaking! Today we are looking at opinion expressions that can be useful for the speaking exam and especially for the third part.

As you probably know, in the speaking exam you are asked very frequently to present either your own opinion or general opinions of people. Maybe you have stumbled upon lists of what we call “opinion verbs” such as believe, suggest,say, think, argue and claim. In the lists below, we will provide you with expressions rather than verbs that you can use to show a higher level of vocabulary.

Here we present you with 10 expressions to state your own view as well as 10 expressions that you can use to state general opinions!

Personal Opinion

  • In my opinion
  • As I see it
  • I am of the opinion that
  • As far as I’m concerned/I know
  • As far as I would imagine that
  • I am convinced that
  • I am positive that
  • I am certain that/ Without a doubt
  • In my personal experience
  • Experience has shown me that

General Opinion

  • Some people think that
  • For many
  • Many people believe that
  • Generally speaking
  • People argue that
  • According to + a group of people (politicians, youngsters, members, actors, etc.)
  • In many cases
  • In the majority of cases
  • It is generally said/thought/considered that…
  • Generally, it is considered that

Now that you have read them, try to incorporate some of them in your next speaking practice!


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