IELTS exam syllabus 2020

This article will provide you with all details you need about the latest updated IELTS exam syllabus 2020 . This includes syllabus for both variants of IELTS exam, IELTS General and IELTS Academic. IELTS exam syllabus 2020 2021 as framed by British Council, IDP and Cambridge ESOL Examinations, tests students in four English language skills: Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking sections. As far as IELTS General and IELTS Academic, test syllabus for both listening and reading sections remain the same. Whereas, the listening and speaking modules will change depending on the test content and test pattern. Students are hereby advised to prepare for IELTS exam keeping test pattern, variant and syllabus in mind to achieve and score a higher band result. 

IELTS Exam syllabus 2020

In today’s world many students prefer to prepare for the IELTS exam on their own while others require professional guidance. You may find many IELTS coaching centers but estimating how well the english courses offered by the institutes will work for you is the most difficult. All training centers conduct IELTS courses using different methodologies and have their own weaknesses and strengths.

The best way to shortlist IELTS coaching centers in nearby locations is to thoroughly check their syllabus and find out if theory offers the latest IELTS exam syllabus 2020 or not. This is very very important for you as the IELTS exam syllabus gets updated 3 times a year. 

In Fact according to an IELTS study by Tetiana Havryliuk, new topics are added to the IELTS speaking module every January, May and September. So that typically means “50% of the speaking topic changes almost 3 times a year.” That is why we recommend you to find an IELTS coaching class that covers the latest IELTS syllabus to cover 99.99% of the topics. This is where classes like British Council, Kanan International, IDP, Magoosh etc comes into picture. 

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Kanan helps students study in various universities across the globe (150+ tie ups with Canadian and American universities). We offer a unique training program for the IELTS exam and have all latest IELTS 2020 preparation materials in accordance with syllabus changes to provide for students to make them crack the exam with colors. The course covers all aspects and sections of exams along with mock tests following IELTS exam syllabus 2020 and real life scenarios. 

Latest IELTS test syllabus 2020-2021 - Kanan International

The IELTS syllabus 2020 exam is designed by British Council, IDP and Cambridge ESOL examinations for both the formats i.e Academic and IELTS general training. The IELTS exam syllabus 2020 consists of reading, writing, listening and speaking sections. 

This blog tells you about the syllabus of IELTS, both for IELTS general exam syllabus and academic exam syllabus.

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About the course

Kanan International believes in simplifying your IELTS exam preparation. When you enroll your course at Kanan you don’t need to be a grammar expert to score high, what you need is our unique IELTS teaching methodology that has helped thousands of students to get admission to the college of their choice and Kanan also helped in terms of visas and immigration.

What is IELTS?

The International English Language Testing System is the full form of IELTS managed by the British Council, IDP, IELTS Australia and Cambridge Assessment English. The purpose of IELTS is to measure the English language competency of people who wish to work or study in the country where English language is used as the dominant means of communication.

IELTS has become one of the most popular English language assessment tests taken by the students than TOEFL,GRE,GMAT to study abroad as the number of people aiming for higher education is increasing.

IELTS is more commonly used for admission to universities in countries such as the UK, Australia and New Zealand, while the other English language proficiency test exam TOEFL is more widely accepted by US universities. The exam is accepted by the authorities of immigration and plays an important role in controlling the migration numbers. 

The UK government has introduced SELT (Secure English language test) as part of the visa application process. For writing the IELTS your age should be above 16 years and you should have a valid passport.

What is Ielts Exam syllabus

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IELTS Syllabus

IELTS has two variants one is IELTS Academic (suitable for students who want to pursue higher studies abroad) and IELTS General training ( Suitable for people who wish to migrate to English speaking countries). “Candidates must prepare for IELTS keeping syllabus and test pattern in mind”.(bigger quote font) The syllabus for both remains mostly the same. 

IELTS is a test covering the four aspects of English language skills 

  • listening, 
  • reading, 
  • writing and 
  • speaking.

Where listening,reading and writing sections of all IELTS tests are completed on the same day and speaking sections can be completed up to a week before or after the tests.

Syllabus Sections Durations
Listening(same for academic and general) Four 30
Reading(Different for both) Three 60
Writing(Different for both) Two Tasks 60
Speaking(Same for academic and general) Three Part one-on-one conversation 15

Total test time is 2 hours and 45 minutes, Listening and Speaking have the same format for both the tests whereas in reading and writing the subject matters.

Reading Band Score

The IELTS reading section comprises 40 questions on three passages given and the band score is calculated for each score. You can calculate your band score using the sample table.

9 39-40
8.5 37-38
8 35-36
7.5 33-34

And goes on..

Listening Band Score

In IELTS listening section, aspirants have to listen to an audio and write answers based on them. You can calculate your band score using the sample table

9 39-40
8.5 37-38
8 35-36
7.5 33-34

And goes on..

IELTS Listening syllabus

Listening has four sections which lasts for 30 minutes. There are 40 questions in total and each question carries 1 mark. The questions get gradually difficult as the test goes on. Timing is key while attempting this part. The applicant gets 10 minutes to transfer answers to the answer sheet provided at the end of the test. This format is similar for IELTS academic and general training.

The following number of sections are available under this :

Section 1

This section consists of a conversation you need to listen to where two people talk on everyday social topics. The conversation can be related to anything such as arranging a trip, organizing an event etc.

Section 2

In this section you will listen to a talk by one speaker on a general topic. The topic might be about a person giving information on a public event, a service provided etc.

Section 3

In this section you will hear a conversation between two or four people about an educational or training context. Aspirants have to listen to the conversation given by four people talking to each other about an assignment for a course or anything related to it.

Section 4

This section consists of monologues on an academic or study related topic. You will listen to a talk by a person which is focused academically.

Instructions to the test takers:

  • Applicants should not open the question booklet until they are told to do so.
  • Candidates should write their name and number in the given space provided for them.
  • They should listen to the instructions for each part carefully.
  • Candidates should answer all questions
  • While listening to the audio, applicants should write answers on the question paper
  • 10 minutes will be given at the last to copy the answers into the separate answer sheet.

IELTS Reading syllabus

In IELTS exam syllabus 2020, the reading section estimates the test taker’s skills in reading. The applicant should answer the questions given by multiple choice, sentence completion, summary writing, matching information, short answers etc after reading the passage. 

The number of questions in the reading section consists of 40 questions and each passage has 13 -14 questions to be answered. The texts are taken from books, journals, newspapers etc. The reading passages and questions are different in academic and general training IELTS.

IELTS Academic - Reading

The Academic section in the IELTS entrance exam syllabus 2020 consist of three long texts where the context ranges from the descriptive and factual to the discursive and analytical. The texts are taken from books, journals, magazines and newspapers.

This section consists of 40 questions and the applicants are given 60 minutes to answer the question. Each question carries 1 mark. There are 3 reading passages with a variety of questions including tasks. There are 11 types of tasks that can be asked in the reading sections. 

IELTS General Training - Reading

In the syllabus of IELTS exam 2020 general training is , there are 3 sections where section 1 contains two or three short texts, section 2 contains two short texts and a long text at section 3. General training also has tasks similar to academic reading one. 

Section 1 contains basic linguistic tasks, section 2 contains contexts about the workplace and section 3 is about reading extended prose with a complex structure.

IELTS Writing syllabus

In IELTS exam syllabus 2020, the writing sections consist of task 1 and task 2 on topics which are of general interests. Where candidates have to write answers in 150 words for task 1 in a time duration of 20 minutes and 250 words for task 2 in 40 minutes. The writing section is different for both academic and general training.

IELTS Academic - Writing

The IELTS academic training includes two tasks. The topics given in this section are suitable for the candidates doing higher education abroad or going for professional purposes.

Task 1

In task 1 of writing sections consist of a picture of graph, table, chart or diagram and asked to describe or explain about the information given in that in their own words. Aspirants may be asked to describe and explain a given data, explain the stages of process or describe an object or event.

Task 2

In IELTS writing task 2 sections, the candidates were asked to write an essay in response to a point of view, argument or problem. Answers for both the tasks should be in an academic style. Arguments should be given with the examples. The topic could range from technology, immigration , environment or culture. 

Task 2 is weighed more in marks when compared to task 1.

IELTS General - Writing

In general training written section, this section consist of two tasks based on general topics

Task 1

In this task of IELTS exam syllabus 2020 candidates will be given with a situation and asked to write a letter explaining a given situation. The letter might be of formal style or semi-formal.

Task 2

In this task of IELTS exam syllabus 2020 candidates are asked to write an essay in response to an argument or problem. Opinions should be given with examples. The easy can be written in the form of personal styling.

IELTS Speaking syllabus

IELTS exam syllabus 2020 speaking sections consist of three sections with time duration of 11-15 minutes. Speaking tests will be recorded for evaluation purposes which stimulates face to face oral interview with an examiner. The speaking component is delivered in such a way that the candidate does not practice before. 

Part 1

The part 1 the examiner will ask about the topics related to candidates ranging from home, family, studies, work, passion etc. The exam duration for this part would last for four to five minutes.

Part 2

In this part the candidate will be given a card in which they need to talk about a particular topic. They need to talk about the topic for two minutes. And the time given to them is for one minute to prepare. The examiner will ask one or two questions related to the topic at the last.

Part 3

In part 3 the test takers will be asked questions related to the topic you spoke on part 2. The idea of having this part is candidates will get more opportunities to discuss the topic. The duration of the part lasts for four to five minutes.

The speaking section is similar for IELTS academic and general training. Candidates should always remember not to fake the accents while answering.

IELTS Band score

Once done with the IELTS exam you need to wait for 2 weeks for the results. To know the result one has to visit the IDP or british council website. Candidates will receive scores for every section i.e for reading, writing, speaking and listening ranging from band 1-9. On the IELTS test report form you will find the overall band score and the marks in each section achieved in the test.


9 Expert You have full operational command of the language and excellent fluency with a complete understanding..
8 Very good You handle complex argumentation well and misunderstand some things in unfamiliar situations.
7 good You handle complex languages well and understand detailed reasoning.
6 competent You have effective command on language. You can use complex words.
5 modest You make many mistakes and could handle basic communication.
4 limited Difficulty in understanding and using complex words.
3 Extremely limited You have difficulty in communication
2 intermittent You have difficulty in understanding the words.
1 Denied You didn’t have the ability to use the new words.
0 Did not attend You did not answer the question.

You need to have the candidate number, test date, passport number, ID number and date of birth to check the scores. The IELTS score plays a vital role in your selection criteria. There is no minimum mark in the IELTS score. The score depends on the universities you are applying to. Each country or university has their own criteria. You need to score accordingly to your targeted colleges. 

What’s new in IELTS syllabus

There are not any major changes in IELTS exam syllabus 2020. However, some small changes have been introduced in the listening sections. The listening “sections” have been renamed as “parts”. The students opting for paper based tests are now divided into part 1,2,3,4 instead of section 1,2,3,4. The page number references have been removed and the examples for part1 have been removed. These are the small changes where applicants can observe while writing the IELTS exam. You can download the IELTS exam PDF 2020 syllabus for the samples. 

New IELTS Exam Syllabus 2020

Materials used

It’s easy to crack the IELTS exam 2020 when you have the right preparation tools. If you have a great clarity of IELTS exam syllabus 2020 then it’s the right time to book online for the exams. Our preparation and tools will help you to secure high scores in the exams and make you fly with colors.

List of supported materials:

  1. An overview of IELTS course
  2. IELTS information for aspirants
  3. IELTS exam syllabus 2020
  4. IELTS nine-band scale descriptors guide
  5. IELTS exam sample paper
  6. Tips and advices for the IELTS exam 
  7. Checklists
  8. Find a center near you
  9. What to expect on exam day
  10. Receiving your IELTS results

These materials would help you to prepare well for your IELTS exam.

Recommended Institutes

Once you have made your mind in writing IELTS exam , after applying it and selecting your dream universities the next step is to choose a best IELTS coaching institute which could help you to crack your exam with high scores. Choosing the best institute for IELTS preparation can be a lengthy process.

You should not randomly pick up an institute for preparation suggested by your friend. A best institute like british council, IDP or Kanan International, Magoosh, Jamboree or similar can be chosen as the ratings given by the students are high for them. Students should choose an institute that provides a competitive environment for study.

Talk to the students who have been trained by us. They can give an honest and better opinion of us. Do not waste your time by joining an institute which is not reputed. Once your time has been wasted, you may not be able to prepare well and secure a good score. We can help you to get admission in your dream universities. 

Ielst recommended institues

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Additional Information:

Kanan has the most experienced teachers from the industry to give best coaching for reading, writing, speaking and listening and cover the entire syllabus. Batches at Kanan international are based on the level of the students. They have three different batches for the students namely PECK, Beginners and the advanced. 

PECK covers basic fundamentals of Grammar , personality development and leadership. The beginners section focuses on reading, writing, speaking and listening modules and concepts of building. When students become experts on all the aspects of IELTS, the advanced batch emphasis on a tuned study pattern as per the requirement of students.

Why do you want to choose Kanan International? Kanan has many years of experience and has been a largest foreign education consultant in India. We provide online and offline academic and general IELTS coaching classes to the students. We also conduct online live classes for academics in 4 different timings and general in 2 different timings so that students can join the live classes according to their convenient timings. Our full length practice test helps students to sit in the exam hall comfortably without worrying.

Practicing a number of tests will help you to secure a good score. Universities take IELTS score into account to examine whether a person is capable of keeping up with the programme’s medium of instruction. Students having an ideal IELTS score which is equal to greater than the criteria will have a chance of making an admission at top universities than the lower scores. Even if one’s band score is less than 0.5 would be denied the admissions. 

From the point of view from the students preparation of IELTS will help them to secure a good score and make them enhance their english skills. Therefore selecting the best coaching institutes for IELTS will more increase students confidence and will be able to pursue the courses without hurdles.

In the wake of pandemic inorder to fulfill the dreams of the students by not skipping the exams, IELTS partners has launched a new online test to support students impacted by COVID -19 restrictions.IELTS has introduced IELTS indicator, an online english language test for students not able to attend an IELTS test due to COVID-19 related restrictions.IELTS indicator will assess students english language skills in listening, writing, reading, speaking ina timed, online test from their home comfortably. 

To ensure that the test focuses on real life conversation skills, students will have their speaking test face to face via video call with trained IELTS examiner. IELTS indicator content has been designed with the high quality standards for all IELTS tests and has the same IELTS exam pattern and timings like the original test. Tests will be marked by higher IELTS official examiners. This would benefit the students who cannot reach the IELTS test center to take IELTS for the serious COVID -19 cause.

Many countries have started allowing the students to study in their countries like one is Canada. Canada has adopted a new two step process for study permit applicants which will enable some international students to begin their canadian studies without a final approval on their study permit. 

One is approval in principle and distance learning and the next one is submit missing documentation and full approval. Normally, an international student living outside canada has to submit a complete study permit and should receive an approval letter before they travel. Students can activate their study permit at Canadian port of entry after reaching there. 

These two new steps enable students to begin their studies remotely, like receiving a sort of halfway approval on their study permit as canadian immigration offices around the world are closed. If you have plans to study in Canada and are worried about the IELTS syllabus of Canada, put an end card over there. Like other countries Canada has a choice of two versions of the IELTS exam, one is academic exam and other is general training. You can prepare for the IELTS exam in Canada by speaking and writing letters in english every day with your family and friends to enhance your skills.

What is the best time to take the IELTS test? The best time to take the IELTS exam is before getting topics changed, that is for the end of december, april and august. Till then you have ample of time to prepare all of them.

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Kanan has also developed an online IELTS test preparation portal called Kanan prep which contains daily vocabulary, exam tips videos and live classes. The test portal is simulated to IDP and British Council online test exam portal

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