How to Present a Process Diagram for the Writing Task 1

  • By Kanan Team
  • Tue Sep 01 2020

How to Present a Process Diagram for the Writing Task 1

Process diagrams are one of the illustration types that are often found in IELTS writing task 1. You should absolutely not be intimidated by them! Here we present you with a guide about presenting them in a four-paragraph essay!

To begin with, you should write an introduction with all the data about what the process presents and what is the final product.

Moving on, the general statement of the second paragraph could be about the number of steps of the process or about naming the first and the last stage. Another way to go is to say whether the process is linear, meaning that it has with a clear starting point and an ending point or if it is a loop.

After the general statement, you are supposed to present the process in the following two paragraphs by writing about the steps in sequential order. Here, you need to use vocabulary that expresses time connections.

To conclude your essay on the process diagram you can either say something about the final product or, if it repeats itself, emphasize the point where the loop starts again.

Many candidates find process diagrams hard to describe, but as you can see, it is very simple! Just follow the structure we described and it will be very easy!

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