The Problem-Solution Essay Structure

Hey guys! Let’s talk about problems and solutions! Or, to say it right, let’s talk about problem and solution essays!

Problem and solution essays are a common type of IELTS writing task 2. They usually present you with a situation and ask you to write about the problems that this situation may cause and the possible solutions to those problems. Let’s have a look at an example of such a question:

Nowadays, the number of cars that people buy is increasing day by day. What are the problems that this situation might cause? What are the solutions to those problems?

The structure of a problem and solution essay is simple: most of the times it consists of four paragraphs. In the introduction, you present the topic by paraphrasing the question. After that, you write two main body paragraphs: one that speaks about the problems and another that proposes solutions. In the end, you write the conclusion where you repeat what you have already said. Easy-peasy.

Another alternative way to structure this type of essay is to dedicate each main body paragraph to one problem and its solution. So, for instance, if you have two problems and two solutions to present, you would make one paragraph for problem #1 and solution #1 and another for problem #2 and solution.

Whatever you choose, remember to write about both problems and solutions! Keep practising!


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