GRE Coaching in Bangalore

Graduate record examination conducted by ETS, is a required test that study abroad aspirants need to take if they want to do the graduate studies. Are you seeking an expertise GRE coaching in Bangalore? Starting your GRE preparation on your own seems difficult. Getting coaching from a 25 years expertise institute like Kanan International will help you to reach the destination with a high score.

Kanan International GRE coaching in Bangalore has study abroad experts for each test. Our faculties are well-versed in the sections of the GRE such as analytical writing, verbal reasoning, and quantitative reasoning. Right from the proper infrastructure, study abroad guidance, study material, one-on-one coaching, you’ll get everything you need to crack the GRE exam.

gre coaching in bangalore

What is the syllabus for the GRE course in Bangalore?

You will get the training for the GRE course in Bangalore from us, with the updated syllabus that is issued by the ETS. Be it training or service, we never miss out on giving the quality that students expect to achieve their dream. Below is the latest syllabus of the GRE exam.

GRE Analytical Writing

GRE analytical writing carries two tasks: Analyse an issue and Analyse an argument. Each task will be written in 30 minutes of time. In the task ‘analyse an issue’, you’ll be given an issue which you need to evaluate and support your views with examples. In the ‘analyse an argument task you need to evaluate the argument and write whether you agree or disagree with the given question.

GRE Verbal Reasoning

GRE verbal reasoning contains three types of questions: Reading comprehension, text completion, sentence equivalence. This test will assess your ability to analyse and evaluate the information from the given passage and also analyse the relationship between the sentences, words and concepts. Each involves 20 questions and 30 minutes will be given to complete the entire test.

GRE Quantitative Reasoning

In the GRE quantitative reasoning test you’ll be tested on basic and elementary mathematical skills and knowledge. Topics such as arithmetic, algebra, geometry, data analysis will be given. It has four types of questions: quantitative comparison questions, multiple choice questions - select one answer, multiple choice questions - select one or two answers and numeric entry questions. The duration of 70 minutes will be given to complete this test.

Trainers of Kanan International complete the entire question types as per the syllabus and carry tests for each section of the GRE exam. Our GRE course in Bangalore has timely updation of our class pattern, study materials, and test pattern according to the official body ETS.

What are the upcoming batches, schedules, timings, duration, course fees of the best GRE coaching centre in Bangalore?

Kanan International GRE coaching centre in Bangalore offers students different batches to choose from. Batches such as weekend, weekday, online, offline, fast-track are happening in our Bengaluru coaching institute.

GRE Batch in BangaloreBatch starts onTimingDuration of the courseAvailability
Weekdays regular6 Feb 2023Flexible Timing between 9.30 AM - 8.30 PM60 hours
Weekdays morning7 Feb 20239.30 AM - 8.30 PM60 hours
Weekdays evening10 Feb 20239.30 AM - 8.30 PM60 hours
Weekends13 Feb 20239.30 AM - 8.30 PM60 hours
Online batch15 Feb 20239.30 AM - 8.30 PM60 hours
Fast-track batch15 Feb 20239.30 AM - 8.30 PM60 hours
Along with the various batches offered at our GRE coaching centre in Bangalore, we have an option to customise your batch timings according to your preference.

Who will train you?

What is the coach/trainer profile of GRE classes in Bangalore?

GRE exam experts who are in the industry for 8 years will handle the classes in Bangalore. They will give you complete guidance on how to crack the exam with tips, techniques and shortcuts to clear each section.
Our trainers have nearly 8 years of experience in training students for the GRE exam and have trained 5000+ students.
Our GRE classes in Bangalore are conducted by the expert faculties who are the top scorers of the GRE exam.
Our trainers have good command over the English language and have been in the teaching field for years.
If you are a beginner towards the reasoning test, you don’t have to worry. Trainers of Kanan International will make the classes much simpler and easier.
At our GRE classes in Bangalore we have regular practice and mock tests, doubt clearing sessions, discussions, and interactions.
Trainers have experience in developing the study materials, books and resources for the GRE exam.
Quantitative reasoning section will be taken by the skilled personnel who are well-versed in mathematics.

10 Reasons why you should enroll for GRE training in Bangalore at Kanan International

There are many specifications students look for in a GRE training in Bangalore. But, ultimately the choice of joining an institute is to make the study abroad dream achievable and the process simpler. Below we have given some of the reasons why you need to join Kanan International to get the dream fulfilled.

  1. Kanan International is one of the leading study abroad consultancy who have made 20,000+ students’ dreams possible.
  2. While joining our GRE coaching in Bengaluru, we will provide books, study materials, prep portal access, etc. where you can check the class recordings, and preparation tips.
  3. We conduct an initial mock test to identify the performance towards each chapter and section and give personalised training accordingly.
  4. Kanan International is not only specialised in covering every portion of the syllabus but in conducting practice test, assessment discussions.
  5. We’ve not limited to giving only GRE coaching, we provide services like university selection, application, admission, visa assistance, documentation, and a lot more.
  6. We are the one-stop destination for the students who plan to do their studies abroad.
  7. Subject matter experts will be conducting the coaching of the GRE exam. Mathematical skills is one of the important criteria that is measured in the GRE exam.
  8. Along with GRE, we take coaching for IELTS, SAT, PTE, GMAT, etc to make the students achieve their dream of studying abroad.
  9. Doubt clearing sessions, discussions, interactive sessions are the major part of our GRE classes.
  10. There are many batches available at Kanan International. Each batch has a limited number of students who will get trained by the 8 years experienced faculties.

Kanan International GRE coaching institute in Bangalore makes 1000+ students achieve top scores in the exam and their abroad education dream. Take our GRE training in Bangalore to fulfil your desire.

What is GRE?

Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is a test that measures study abroad aspirants’ ability to do the graduate programs in the foreign countries. Students will be tested on their potentiality towards quantitative reasoning such as arithmetic, algebra, geometry, etc and verbal reasoning along with analytical writing.

Format of the GRE test

There are two primary types of GRE test - general and subject. GRE general test is the most common test which most of the universities require students to take. This will test the understanding ability, critical thinking, analytical ability, reasoning, mathematical, verbal knowledge. The GRE subject test will often require depending on the subject you take. Subjects such as Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Psychology, Biology and Literature are involved.

Who can do this GRE course in Bangalore?

The GRE course in Bangalore offered by the Kanan International can be taken by the students who want to pursue their graduate studies in abroad countries such as the US, UK, Canada, Australia, etc.

What is the eligibility or prerequisite to join our GRE institute in Bangalore?

GRE score requirements may vary depending on the university you choose. However, you need to look into some of the common eligibility criteria that are required for the aspirants who are planning to take the GRE exam and joining our GRE institute in Bangalore.

    • ETS haven’t suggested any age limit for the students who take the GRE exam.
    • The minimum qualification required for the GRE exam is a bachelor’s degree in the relevant stream from a recognized institute.
    • Passport is one of the most important requirements for the students taking the GRE exam. Your passport needs to be valid, not expired, and have validity of at least 6 months.
    • You need to have a proper identification proof while registering for the GRE test and also while appearing for the test.
    • Retaking the GRE exam is allowed but you need to have a gap of at least 21 days.

If you’re facing any kind of difficulty regarding the GRE test and to study abroad, reach our GRE institute in Bangalore to get a free counselling session.

GRE Training with Spoken English classes

Students’ planning to study abroad need to showcase their English proficiency. As GRE is conducted to test quantitative reasoning, mathematical, and verbal reasoning, it is essential to practise communication skills. That’s what makes Kanan International offer GRE training with spoken English classes for the students aspiring to do the masters program.

Batch size for GRE training in Bangalore

  • Kanan International offers weekend, weekdays regular, morning and evening, online, fast-track batches for GRE training in Bangalore.
  • We limit the number of students in every batch, so that every student has the opportunity to clear their doubts and get individual attention.
  • One-on-one batch is highly preferred by the students at Kanan International.
  • Customised batches are there for the students convenience. Students can approach our counsellors with their preferable timing.
  • Frequent practice and mock tests are part of our GRE training in Bangalore. Also, we conduct doubt clearing sessions, discussions and offer study materials for each batch of students.

Coaching modes for GRE Bangalore preparation batches

  • Online GRE coaching in Bangalore: Kanan International online GRE coaching in Bangalore makes students interact with the faculties in real-time. Classes will be conducted online, study materials will be provided upon joining, prep portal access will be given to take the mock test and can refer with the class recordings.
  • Classroom GRE coaching in Bangalore: If you’re more comfortable attending the training live, then you need to take our classroom GRE coaching in Bangalore. With a limited number of students in each batch you’ll get complete attention and guidance from the trainer. They will conduct practice tests often to ensure you are clear with each section.
gre classes in bangalore
Have queries regarding GRE dates in Bangalore or GRE Bangalore centre or GRE fees in Bangalore or GRE coaching classes in Bangalore?

Kanan International is the 25 year old institute specialised in all areas of making students study abroad dream to reality. You can reach us regarding the clarification about our GRE classes in Bangalore, fees, exam dates and any other enquiries. You can get a free counselling session from our counsellors about the selection of a country, university, course, visa and others.

If you’re a social media freak, use our #GREClassesinAhmedabad or #GREprepwithkanan hashtags to make your doubts clear. Refer these hashtags to find out any other details you want that are already discussed by the fellow students.


Our students who are proud of their achievements, eventually become our brand ambassadors. We’re indebted to them.

Ms Mrunali Vekariya

Mrunali Vekariya

"I'm now enrolled in an advanced diploma course for Civil Engineeing Technology. I've filed my case with Kanan International. The process was hassle-free and the people here are very supportive. They provide with all the information that is needed. I'm happy to have chosen Kanan. "

Ms Bhargavi Pate

Bhargavi Patel

"I got admission in Centennial College for the January 2021 intake. I'd like to thank Kanan International for giving me the best services in my visa process. My special thanks to Yash sir, who gave me his personal guidance during this process. Thank you. "

Ms Khushali Patel

Kushali Patel

"I've got admissions to the Fitness and Health Promotion course in Georgian College, Canada. My intake is September 2021. I'd like to thank Anil sir, Lokesh sir and Yash sir and Kunal sir and other staff who helped me during the tough times of COVID-19. I highly recommend Kanan to my friends and relatives. "

Ms Mrunali Vekariya

Mrunali Vekariya

"I'm now enrolled in an advanced diploma course for Civil Engineeing Technology. I've filed my case with Kanan International. The process was hassle-free and the people here are very supportive. They provide with all the information that is needed. I'm happy to have chosen Kanan. "

Ms Bhargavi Pate

Bhargavi Patel

"I got admission in Centennial College for the January 2021 intake. I'd like to thank Kanan International for giving me the best services in my visa process. My special thanks to Yash sir, who gave me his personal guidance during this process. Thank you. "


Course completion certificate is one of the spec that students get from Kanan International. If you have taken the exam but planned to do the education abroad later, then you can utilise our certificate to get internships or jobs. The issued certificate is proof that you have taken the training from Kanan International, taken multiple practice tests and you are able to attend the test and prove your language ability.


GRE General training in Bangalore

Kanan International GRE general training in Bangalore is conducted by the experts who are in the field for 8 years. Students taking the training from our institute will receive the study materials, class recording, prep portal access, frequent mock and practice test. We will cover the complete syllabus of the GRE and clear all your doubts during and after the classes.

GRE Subject training in Bangalore

Subject matter experts of Kanan International will carry the GRE subject training in Bangalore. The training will be conducted for all the subjects namely Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Psychology, Biology and Literature. We ensure the batch size is small, each subject has a limited number of students. We make the classes interactive, involve discussions and conduct tests often for each chapter. Doubt clearing session will be held for each of our classes.

Top scores from our GRE coaching in Bangalore

In each batch and each year we receive many top scorers at our GRE coaching in Bangalore. Last year, nearly 2000+ students appeared for the exam and 70% of the students secured high scores and 90% of the students cleared in the first attempt. Our institute will not only give coaching, we offer other consultancy services to fulfil the students' study abroad dream.


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      English coaching for TOEFL, GMAT, GRE, And IELTS

      Students aspiring to study in foreign countries need to be good in English. Even though the GRE is the test conducted for the students planning to do the education abroad, it doesn’t test your communication skills. To improve communication, we take English coaching for the interested students to visit the preferred country without any fear.

      Online GRE training in Bangalore

      For the students who think they are far from our GRE coaching centre Bengaluru, can opt for our online GRE training in Bangalore. Our trainers will cover the entire syllabus, conduct tests online, and provide individual attention for each student. Also, you can get the study materials, class recordings, portal access to make better preparation.

      GRE coaching for beginners, intermediates, advanced levels

      As we have been in the industry for 25 years, we are well aware of our students’ ability. Not everyone has the same capabilities. We specialise in giving personalised training for every student. Even Though classes are taken in groups, we track each individual's performance and give attention to them based on their skillset. We consider taking GRE coaching for beginners, intermediates, and advanced level students.

      GRE coaching for study abroad

      We know the struggles of the students who want to do their studies abroad. They need to focus on the test preparation, university application, documents collection, documentation, visa process, accommodation and many others. But, we make the entire process simple. We are an expertise coaching institute and a study abroad consultancy that offers coaching for GRE, GMAT, TOEFL, etc and services to study abroad.

      GRE doubt clearing sessions and coaching discussions in Bangalore

      Our GRE classes in Bengaluru have doubt clearing sessions for every batch. After every class, our trainers will offer a few minutes to clarify your doubts regarding the test you’re preparing. Also, you can ask your questions every now and then in the class. Separate doubt clearing sessions and discussions will also be held every week or every part or after the test.

      Everything you need to know about GRE coaching in Bangalore
        • Eligibility of GRE exam: There is no particular age limit or educational qualification required by the ETS for the exam.
        • Types of GRE exam: There are two types of GRE exam. They are: GRE general exam and GRE subject test.
        • Exam duration of the GRE exam: The duration of the GRE exam is 3 hours and 45 minutes.
      • GRE exam fee: GRE exam fee in India is Rs.15,800.
      • Retaking the GRE exam: Students need to retake the GRE exam with a gap of at least 21 days.
      • GRE rescheduling: Rescheduling the GRE exam is done in the ETS account login and needs to have a gap of at least 4 days from the exam date.
      Tips to secure top score in GRE
      • Understand the format and the marking criteria of the GRE exam and create your own study schedule and test format.
      • Conduct a primary mock test to know your performance in each section and create a framework for each section. Ensure you give priority to the part that needs more attention.
      • Include the plan of learning the basic mathematical skills in your study plan, as these are the base to perform the GRE quantitative reasoning section.
      • Time management is one key aspect that you might miss to notice. Conduct a mock test and practice completing the test within the given time.
      • Create strategies, shortcuts, techniques to crack the section that you think is difficult to perform in the test.
      • Try to follow the question types in each section while practising. You have to concentrate on how the question will occur and how you can answer it effectively.
      • Check the study material you use for your preparation. The study resource you use for learning or for taking the test needs to be from the right source.
      • Take your practice test in the mode that you want to take the exam. GRE is a computer based test, so you need to practise on the computer rather than writing.
      • Practice the reading, skimming and scanning skills in the non-scheduled time, so that it will be easy for you to do the reading comprehension.
      • If you’ve any questions regarding the preparation of the GRE, you can reach Kanan International to get the tips from the experts.

      Reach our GRE coaching center in Bangalore

      We are conveniently located near the Koramangala Bus depot. Students can easily reach us from Neelasandra, JK Pura, NGO Colony, Lakasandra, Tilak Nagar, Zuzuvadi, Ejipura, Shantinagar, Viveknagar Extension, Agaram, etc.

      Address of our GRE Coaching Center in Bangalore

      2nd floor, No.580, Aswan Plaza,

      20th Main Road, 8th block,

      Koramangala, Bengaluru-560095

      Working hours : 10:00 am - 06:00 pm

      Email ID :

      Mobile No : +91 9789644634, +91 9360699006

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