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For over the last 24 years, we at Kanan International have been helping a vast community of students fulfill their study abroad dreams.

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About Kanan International

Chennai is considered to be an educational hub in the state of Tamil Nadu, with some of the finest institutions at the heart of the city. More than half of the population in Chennai considers access to education as an utmost priority. In fact, according to a report in 2019 released by Sulekha, Chennai ranked second in terms of the maximum number of queries pertaining to overseas education. We understand, therefore, how important it is for overseas educational consultants like Kanan International to reach out to the huge number of people willing to study overseas.

Kanan International is a pioneer in the field of overseas education. Its services are for students who are interested in gaining an overseas higher education experience. Our support services range from offering one-on-one counselling on study abroad options, shortlisting and applying at institutions, to helping with student visas and pre-departure formalities. These services are offered to help students find a correct match for their career. This means we understand our students’ priorities, and therefore strive to find a balance between what they want and what works best for them.

Our goal

At Kanan International, all our study abroad advisors work with a common goal in mind - to make it easier for every student to move closer to overseas education opportunities. Our advisors are study abroad experts. They are the go-to people to help you with your abroad admission processes.

In addition, we at Kanan regularly organize classes on IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, and SAT. These are the major competitive exams required for studying in a country abroad. We customize our classes based on the learning style of every student. By delivering these standardized exam prep classes, we ensure to help you improve your skills.

Our major objective is to zero in on the problems and confusions that our study-abroad aspirants deal with. We engage our students with various other international students who can also help them with their questions.

our goal

Why choose Kanan International, Chennai?

The reasons are plenty when it comes to choosing Kanan International as your perfect study abroad consultancy in Chennai.

Kanan has a plethora of options for you to select for your education abroad needs. The major reasons why you must consider Kanan International as your study abroad consultancy are as follows:

  1. We have over 24 years of experience helping students with admissions abroad.
  2. Our support services have helped over 20,000 students choose different study abroad destinations.
  3. We have the best institutes listed in our database, in countries like the USA, UK, Canada, and Australia.
  4. At Kanan International, you can enroll yourself for the common competitive/standardized tests needed to study abroad. These include IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, GMAT, and SAT.
  5. To date, we have organized over 500 training batches across India.
  6. Kanan has a suite of tools to support your study journey. This also makes it easier for you to receive regular updates and information on your applications.
  7. Our trainers are qualified and certified people, with an average experience of 7 years of coaching students across India.
  8. Most of our IELTS trainers are also spoken English language trainers. This proves beneficial when you enroll for IELTS classes.
  9. At Kanan, you get the best value-added services at affordable costs. We have been accepting all forms of payment for all the major training courses as well.

What we do?


We offer free counselling sessions to study abroad aspirants, helping them decide which colleges and universities abroad are right for them. Our counsellors are experts in the study abroad domain, having either studied or worked in different countries.

At Kanan, our advisors find the right match for students based on their academic profiles. Besides that, they also know about a vast number of scholarships available worldwide. Such scholarships benefit our students to a great extent, especially those who have financial limitations.

Online mentoring and support

Our support services also extend online so that we reach out and help students who cannot walk into our offices. Kanan International has a massive online presence across India. We deliver online coaching classes and all other study abroad services, through virtual tools and systems.

online mentoring consultant

How we do it?

At Kanan, we have a tech-savvy team who is constantly trying to follow the latest technological advancements. Through a range of software products and tools, collectively called K tools, we have been able to offer a one-stop solution to all overseas education problems.

We cater to students from all walks of life - be a working professional or a student. We work with a common goal of making higher education abroad accessible for everyone.

The tools that we use are as follows:



K PREP is an exam prep tool that helps you choose any standardized test that you would like to prepare for. This tool is mostly used by students to enroll for online or offline classes. The classes are offered on IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, GRE, GMAT, and spoken English. With the help of K PREP, you get to interact with several expert trainers. Our mentors are highly qualified, and they know how to help you excel in these competitive exams. Flexible batches, mock test papers, and regular discussions are some of the key features of these classes.

K Program Finder

K Program Finder

K Finder is a perfect tool for you to find a programme or course of your choice. What’s more, it helps you figure out the destination, too. This tool makes your life easier by matching your profile with some of the best institutes worldwide. Our database is regularly updated with the latest courses around the world. Thus, you won’t miss out from finding what you are looking for.

K Events

K Events

K Events is a one-of-a-kind platform wherein you can e-meet your college and university representatives. This tool helps you connect with colleges and universities from any remote location. You can find answers to your questions. You can also ask doubts on the spot. Moreover, on-spot registration to specific courses also happens. Through this extraordinary virtual platform, you get a chance to choose and shortlist institutions all over the world.

Where can you apply?

Kanan International has over 250 universities and colleges listed on their website. You can choose from several universities in countries such as the USA, UK, Canada, and Australia. Some of them are:

  • University of Alberta
  • University of Toronto
  • The University of Chicago
  • Harvard University
where you can apply

You can apply for different programmes on:

Why should you study abroad?

  1. A degree abroad not only makes you aware of another country and culture, but also gives a life-changing experience.
  2. Overseas education can help you identify your real challenges and teach you to cope with them.
  3. It offers a sea of opportunities.
  4. Because you interact with so many people from different backgrounds, your outlook of the world changes.
  5. You also develop people skills.
  6. Study abroad experience is a life-long learning experience; it stays with you.
  7. Education in a country overseas can make you more confident and adaptable to various scenarios.
  8. You learn to make decisions on your own.
  9. Needless to say, you gain new friendships.
  10. Being mentored by different teachers who can enrich your career in so many ways is a unique experience.

Benefits of applying to overseas study programmes through Kanan International

  • We offer a detailed, step-by-step plan for your studies abroad.
  • We offer the best advice following an unbiased approach.
  • Our transparent, value-added services have helped over 20 K students already to study in several foreign countries.
  • Our trainers make it easy for you to ace any exam.
  • We provide dedicated and customized support on your doubts and questions. You can ask us anything!
overseas education consultants in chennai

How we make it possible!

We make it possible and easier for students to get closer to their study abroad aspiration. And we do that through our unique range of services. We organize several events and webinars to address some of the key challenges that students face when deciding to go abroad.

To know us better, you can:

With over 250 institution partners, globally, we have established ourselves as a well-known consultant for overseas education services. Our trained advisors and expert mentors are a great value addition to what we have on offer for you.With over 250 institution partners, globally, we have established ourselves as a well-known consultant for overseas education services. Our trained advisors and expert mentors are a great value addition to what we have on offer for you.

FAQs on study abroad

Why does education abroad matter?

For many people, education abroad matters because it offers new opportunities, which they don’t have access to in their native country. For example, a student growing up in a country where the education system is weak may want to invest in higher education in a developed nation so that he or she can have a better career or bring in some change to the lives of people living in his or her country.

How do I decide to study abroad?

Some of the key things to consider while deciding to study overseas are -
  • Why do you want a degree abroad?
  • Do you have the budget?
  • What do you plan to do with your degree?
  • Do you think it’s really necessary for you to go abroad for your studies?
If you think you can answer all these questions honestly, then you know you are ready for an overseas study experience. However, if you don’t know how to go about it, then speak to a consultant like us.

Where can I study abroad?

You can choose to study in any European countries like Germany, Norway, France, etc. You can opt for the chosen study abroad destinations like the USA, UK, Australia, and Canada as well.

What is the eligibility to study abroad?

Study abroad eligibility varies depending on what you want to study and where you want to. If you want to study business, then you might have to look for some of the top business schools in the USA and UK. For your admissions, you’ll have to go through exams like GMAT or SAT or GRE.
The advantage of taking help of a study abroad consultancy like Kanan is that you’ll know what to do from day 1. We’ll help you step-by-step and keep you updated on the requirements. Besides that, we offer prep classes on exams that you need to appear for your admissions.

When can I start applying for study abroad programmes?

You must apply at least 4 or 5 months ahead of the application deadline. Most institutes abroad have fall and spring intakes, which are around September and January each year, respectively. Some universities and colleges offer a summer intake, for a short duration.
Before you start applying, you need to know which intake suits you best. There are several factors based on which you can decide that.

How much does it cost to study abroad?

Here is a quick summary of the various costs involved while studying in different countries overseas -
CountriesUG costPG costLiving cost [per year]
USA8 to 20 lakhs9 to 22 lakhs6 to 8 lakhs
UK12 to 25 lakhs12 to 29 lakhs9 lakhs [12 lakhs within London]
Australia15 lakhs16 to 25 lakhs12 lakhs
Canada16 lakhs 10 lakhs5 to 6 lakhs
Ireland8 to 20 lakhs9 to 22 lakhs 6 lakhs [8 lakhs within Dublin]

Will I get scholarships to study abroad?

There are several scholarships available for education abroad. Many people are unaware of the different types of international scholarships that exist. These vary based on the country, location, and subject that you choose. We have detailed them here -
  • Merit-based scholarships are those which are granted to you for your academic records and extracurricular activities.
  • Destination-specific scholarships are meant for studying in specific countries. There are several Australian and Canada specific scholarships available for international students.
  • Student-specific scholarships are based on international students’ race, religion, and family and medical history.
  • Need-based scholarships are available for students who need financial help. Students who are exceptionally talented, but have poor income sources can apply for such scholarships. These are granted based on the financial income proof of a student’s parents or guardian.
  • Athletic scholarships are for sports enthusiasts who have already made a mark in an athletic field.

Can I work while studying abroad?

In order to work while studying abroad, you need to check with your institute or some governing body of the country you are in. This is because while many countries allow part-time work options for students, there are a few countries which don’t. You need to be aware of the policies of working as a student so that you don’t get into any trouble.

Will the qualification that I receive abroad be accepted in my native country, say in India?

Most of the qualifications or degrees that you receive while studying abroad are accepted in India. However, you must be aware whether a diploma or fast-track course certification is accepted or not. Many short-term courses could also be of no value for some Indian institutes or organizations.

How can Kanan help me for my overseas education?

Kanan does a wonderful job of reaching out to every study abroad aspirant with their support services. We have dedicated advisors who can make your applications easier and mentors who can groom you with best tips and advice. We make your study visa process hassle-free, and also arrange for your transport and accommodation in the country you are travelling to.

Which consultant is the best in Chennai for overseas education help?

IDP Education, Edwise, etc. are some of the major players currently. Kanan International is considered one of the best and the most chosen study abroad consultants in Chennai, and also in other major Indian cities.

How to study abroad for free?

Many Nordic countries allow international students to study for free, but they still charge a minimum registration fee or exam fee per year. This means you can’t absolutely study for free in a country overseas. However, you can avail scholarships to reduce the burden of study costs.

Which is the cheapest country to study abroad?

Some of the countries that are relatively cheaper for higher education are Norway, Germany, Denmark, etc.

Which is the best destination for higher studies?

Canada, Australia, UK and USA are some of the preferred destinations for most study abroad aspirants.

Which is the best consultancy for getting Canada PR?

Kanan International has played a major role in the last 24 years, helping people get PR in Canada. Our advisors can tell you all about getting a PR in Canada and how you should apply for it. Check out this article on IELTS score for Canada PR.

How to get a job abroad after your higher studies?

If you are thinking of working abroad soon after you graduate, it would be wise if you start the job hunt early. Internships are great ways to start. Also, if you are already associated with your university on a part-time basis, then look no further for a full-time opportunity.
If you are keen about finding a job after your studies, our advice would be to start your research early on, even before you apply to a specific country. This is because many countries want only native language speakers as employees in their organizations. So if you have a bilingual brain, try to pick up a new language or learn it while studying.