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Sample answers for the IELTS general reading locating information mock test

ielts general reading locating information sample answers for mock test

Table of contents

  1. Sample answers for the IELTS general reading locating information mock test
  2. Answers for the IELTS General Reading Locating Information -  Question 1
  3. Answers for the IELTS General Reading Locating Information -  Question 2 
  4. Answers for the IELTS General Reading Locating Information -  Question 3
  5. Conclusion

Check the sample answers for the IELTS general reading location information mock test in this post. If you have not attempted the mock test, try it today to improve your skills and knowledge.

Answers for the IELTS General Reading Locating Information -  Question 1

1. Paragraph B

Explanation: Readers will be delighted by unexpected revelations or a surprising turn of events. 

2. Paragraph E 

Explanation: While humans aren't always sensible or consistent in real life, your fictional characters must be consistent in their thoughts and behaviours if they are to keep readers’ trust. 

3. Paragraph G 

Explanation: Again, an Internet search will turn up a list of publishers who are most likely to print your literary genre.

4. Paragraph B 

Explanation: Different genres of crime novels abound in the fiction world.

5. Paragraph D

Explanation: Google and other search engines can assist you in learning the most up-to-date techniques.

6. Paragraph F 

Explanation: To avoid being accused of libel and having an otherwise promising career abruptly cut short, a degree of fictitious embellishment of real-life persons is required. 

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Answers for the IELTS General Reading Locating Information -  Question 2 

1. Paragraph B 

Explanation: Flying would have been difficult since they lacked the endurance to power their muscles for extended periods of time.

2. Paragraph A 

Explanation: Pterosaurs are one of nature's most remarkable success stories. 

3. Paragraph C 

Explanation: Pterosaurs may have had a fur-like covering, according to a fossil unearthed in Kazakhstan.

4. Paragraph F

Explanation: The fourth finger on each of its front 'arms' would have grown longer over many generations, increasing the skin surface area and allowing the animal to fly farther. 

5. Paragraph H

Explanation: Several fish scales can be observed in the specimen's abdomen under a microscope, indicating that it was the pterosaur's last meal.

6. Paragraph H

Explanation: Indeed, the first known pterosaurs were discovered in the northern Italian highlands, where he has spent years looking for flying reptiles. 

7. Paragraph D

Explanation: He gave the specimen the name Pterodactylus, which is derived from the Greek terms for wing and finger.

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Answers for the IELTS General Reading Locating Information - Question 3

1. Paragraph C 

Explanation: When the restaurant is closed on Sundays and Mondays, a guide will take you around the building and its intriguing architectural features.

2. Paragraph A 

Explanation: The dining room, library, and dressing room, which has a collection of 18th-century ladies' attire, are among them. 

3. Paragraph F 

Explanation: It provides a lovely backdrop for Mason's art collection as well as the stunning 18th-century furnishings for which the Mason is known. 

4. Paragraph D (h5)

Explanation: The intriguing story of a local family business is told at the Industrial Heritage Centre. In this structure, Mr. John Carroll began his engineering firm exactly 150 years ago. 

5. Paragraph B 

Explanation: The Africa Museum has formed 50 years ago, and to mark the occasion, we've selected 50 masterpieces from the permanent collection and assembled them to convey the continent's remarkable tale. 

6. Paragraph A 

Explanation: The elegant Kingsley House was constructed in the 18th century, and all of the rooms are adorned and furnished in the period's style.  

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Instant verifying the sample answers of the IELTS general reading locating information mock test helps you to improve your answering ability. Taking mock tests will make you attain a high score in IELTS general reading tasks. If you are interested to check other question types, click, IELTS general reading question types.

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Practicing is good. But, self-assessment is essential. Take the IELTS general reading location information mock tests and start to evaluate yourself. Also, you can verify your answers instantly in this post. 



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