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IELTS General Reading Matching Headings Mock Test.

ielts general reading matching headings free online mock test

Table of Contents

  1. IELTS General Reading Matching Headings Mock Test
  2. IELTS General Reading Matching Headings Mock Test - Question 1
  3. IELTS General Reading Matching Headings Mock Test - Question 2
  4. IELTS General Reading Matching Headings Mock Test - Question 3
  5. Answers for Mock Test
  6. Conclusion

In this article, we have given the IELTS General Reading Matching Headings Mock Test developed by IELTS experts. In Matching headings, you will be asked to match the list of headings to the appropriate paragraphs. The headings will sum up the main idea of the paragraph. So, try to grasp the gist of the paragraph rather than focusing on specific details to choose an appropriate heading.

ielts general matching headings mock test question1

IELTS General Matching Headings Mock Test - Question 1

Questions 1 - 4

The reading passage has four paragraphs, A-D.

Choose the correct heading for each paragraph from the list of headings below.

Write the correct number, i-vii, as your answer to each question.

List of Headings

  • i. Statistics of Migrants and Refugees
  • ii. Internal Migrants
  • iii. Violence against Migrants
  • iv. Mortality rate of Refugees
  • v. Multi Ethnicity and Migration. 
  • vi. Minority groups disturbs the world
  • vii. Definitions of Racism and Xenophobia
  1. Paragraph A
  2. Paragraph B
  3. Paragraph C
  4. Paragraph D

Migrants and Refugees

  1. It is found that one in every 50 human beings are migrant workers, refugees, asylum seekers, or immigrants living in a foreign country. The International Organisation for Migration reported that 150 million people live temporarily or permanently outside their country. About 80-97 million people are estimated to be migrant workers with their families. Another 12 million people are refugees living outside of their countries of origin. 
  2. Migration occurs because of rapid increase of ethnic and racial diversity of societies. Increasing migration indicates that the states are becoming more multi ethnic and confronting the challenge of accommodating different cultures and people. We must ensure that mutual respect exists in different cultures and different people.It is necessary to mediate relations across differences. Some of the nation states exclude ethnic diversity in order to preserve their identity. 
  3. Although, government tries to adjust with the new realities multi ethnic societies, discrimination and violence are happening against migrants and refugees. It becomes difficult to figure out whether level of sexual abuse is increased or not because of the lack of systematic documentation and proper research. But, anecdotal evidence is there to assure the violations of the human rights of the migrants and refugees. Racial discrimination and xenophobia also found to be happening. 
  4. The term Racism and Xenophobia are used interchangeably. But, both are essentially different. Racism is defined as an ideological construct assigned a power position to a certain race or ethnic group based on the physical and cultural attributes as well as economical wealth and hierarchical relationships. And Xenophobia describes fear and hatred against an outsiders or foreign people. By these definitions, we can understand that racism is more broader than Xenophobia.

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IELTS General Reading Matching Headings Mock Test - Question 2

Questions 1 - 5

The reading passage has five paragraphs, A-E.

Choose the correct heading for each paragraph from the list of headings below.

Write the correct number, i-vii, as your answer to each question. 

List of Headings

  • i. Trees, Leaves and Forests
  • ii. Eating Habits of Howler Monkeys
  • iii. Howler from the Hacienda La Pacifica 
  • iv. Howlers in Mythologies
  • v. Farming and Monkeys
  • vi.Extinction of Monkeys 
  • vii. Reproduction rate of howler monkeys
  1. Paragraph A
  2. Paragraph B
  3. Paragraph C
  4. Paragraph D
  5. Paragraph E

Monkeys and Forests

  1. In northern Costa Rica, a female mantled howler monkey moves through the trees of the forest canopy. A primatologist from Duke L University, Ken Glander, sees into the canopy and tracks the female monkey movements. He holds a dart gun with immense patience to shoot it. Glander finally shooted it. It hit the rump and the female monkey wobbled. This howler monkey belongs to a population at Hacienda La Pacifica, where it lived for decades. 
  2. Glander explains that Howler can persist in Pacifica as it can eat leaves. They also eat fruit when it is available. It is found that howlers' eating habits are flexible. Nuts and flowers are also suitable foods for howlers. Howlers get water content from the foods they’re eating. Most plants evolved from a variety of chemical defences, which will have deadly poisons such as alkaloids and cyanide. It would be dangerous to Howler monkeys as well as other myriad creatures in the forest. 
  3. All primates, even humans, are able to handle the plant toxins. For leaf-eaters like howlers, as they are exposed to leaves of the specific plant make them to defuse the poison and absorb the plant's nutrients. Leaves growing in the regenerating forests such as in La Pacifica, are more howler friendly than those produced by the undistributed trees in Amazon. In younger forests, trees put most of their limited energy for the growth of food, leaves and trees. That’s why it produces lower levels of toxins than the well-established trees.
  4. Compared to other species of monkey, howlers reproduce at a faster rate. Capuchins bear their first offspring at 7 years old. But, howlers give birth about 3 - 5 years of age. Female spider monkeys produce an infant about once every four years while howlers give birth every two years. 
  5. Estrada believes the monkey can bring underappreciated benefits to farming such as dispersing the seeds of fig and other shade trees. He stated that howler monkeys live in shade coffee and Nicarague’s cacao plantations. He believes that farmers can see the advantages in their farming by associating with wild monkeys. 

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IELTS General Reading Matching Headings Mock Test - Question 3

Questions 1 - 4

The reading passage has four paragraphs, A-D.

Choose the correct heading for each paragraph from the list of headings below.

Write the correct number, i-vii, as your answer to each question. 

List of Headings

  • i. Causes of polar bears extinction
  • ii. How polar bears survive in cold regions. 
  • iii. Emotional side of Polar Bears
  • iv. Why polar bears has white furs
  • v. Hunting and Diet of Polar Bear
  • vi. Brown bears and Polar Bears
  • vii. Polar bears Intelligence
  1. Paragraph A
  2. Paragraph B
  3. Paragraph C
  4. Paragraph D

Why we need to protect polar bears

  1. Climate change threatens the existence of polar bears. The disappearance of polar bears could lead to far-reaching consequences. As they are having up to 11 centimeters of fat underneath their skin, it can adjust to the temperature in the Arctic Circle. If humans have the comparative levels of adipose tissue, it would be considered as obesity or increases the risk of getting diabetes. It also has insulated fur which keeps it warm in the Arctic Region. In one study, it was found that polar bears had a gene (APoB), which reduces the level of low-density lipoproteins.
  2. Normally, Polar bears eat ringe and bearded seals. Based on their location, it also eats hooded seals, walruses, narwhals and bowhead whales. If the food is unavailable, it will eat any animals they can get such as reindeer, waterfowl, eggs, vegetation. One of the methods of its hunting is Still hunting. It remains motionless until the seal comes to surface. When it comes to the surface, the polar bear bites onto the head and flips onto the ice. 
  3. Polar bears also have medicinal benefits for human beings. It is important to protect animals which are intelligent and possess emotions. It was found that polar bears have good problem-solving abilities. It was observed that a male bear called GoGo in Tennoji Zoo, using a tool to manipulate his environment. The bear uses the tree branches to hang its meat out of reach. In a study, done by Alison Ames in 2008, stated that polar bears showed deliberate and focused manipulation.
  4. As for emotions, Polar bears hit out at ice and snow whenever it missed to hunt or kill its prey. It can even form unusual relationships, for example, it plays with dogs. A one hand raised polar bear called Agee strongly connected to his owner Mark Dumas, they even swim together. It shows another side of polar bears which are friendly in nature.

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This IELTS General Reading Matching Headings Mock Test could assess your answering skills, which in turn, help you to attain a high band score in the IELTS general reading section. To develop your knowledge about the general reading section, check out IELTS general reading question types.

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Answers for Mock Test

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