Adelaide School of Art

Australia, South Australia

Originally founded in 1982 by Rod Taylor and Heather Nicholson, the Adelaide School of Art is a private, non-profit institute, that provides higher education for courses in visual arts. Located in central Adelaide, Australia, the school offers an associate degree in Visual Art and also a Bachelor of Visual Arts. Students can also choose to study short courses and attend workshops and classes. By the end of the term, students will be able to understand the disciplines of drawing, painting, theory, art history and alongside educations as per their requirement. The school also has a gallery known as The Adelaide Central Gallery, which was opened in 1991.

Campus Life

The School is situated on the Glenside grounds in two legacy structures that framed piece of the Glenside Hospital. The structures were remodeled by Adelaide-based draftsmen Grieve Gillett in conference with the School and the redesign got an honor from the Australian Institute of Architects for Heritage Architecture in 2014. The campus has different departments according to the organizational structure. This includes: Department of Painting, Department of Drawing, Department of Sculpture, Department of Art History & Theory, Department of Contemporary studies. Filled with luscious green environment, students can expect creativity at every step in the campus. Murals, paintings, structures and other visual arts that are created by students illustrates the amount of dedication and knowledge at the doorstep.

Noted Alumni

Their most notable alumni are: Roy Ananda, Daryl Austin, Daniel Connell, Andrew Dearman, James Dodd, Nicholas Folland, Zoe Freney, Geoff Gibbons, Sasha Grbich, Rob Gutteridge.

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