Canada, British Columbia

In 1952, Adler University, also known as AU, was established in Chicago. AU is named after the late Alfred Adler, who was the founder of Adlerian psychology. The university is highly lauded for its psychology program but is not just limited to it. It offers over 20 graduate-level courses and has about 1812 students. Campuses are located in Vancouver and Chicago. This university’s unique feature is that it has a virtual campus, as an adaptation to COVID - 19. This virtual campus offers a similar experience and opportunity as the physical campus. Students have access to modern technology and platform for good graduate-level research work. AU is indubitably one of the top graduate schools for many branches of psychology.

Campus Life

AU consists of  two campuses in total, one is located in Chicago, USA and the other is in Vancouver, Canada. The campus life, in a nutshell, is immensely engaging. Since this university is known for its psychology program they offer a top-notch research facility for the pyscology department. Various leadership opportunities in carnivals, volunteering in the trades, and job fairs help students enrich their caliber with practical experience. The university has a well stacked library, gymnasium, mental, and health center. The campus is highly equipped with modern technology and has all the needs addressed for students. The university gives students a holistic experience of both studies and co-curricular activities on the campus. The institute helps to accomplish student’s dreams and triumph over every hurdle.

Noted Alumni

AU has an extensive and rich network of alumni. The university provides an intuitive platform for its existing students to connect with different alumni and grow professionally with their expertise. The Alumni are spread across in fortune 500 companies with unique titles and jobs. Also, some of them are famous for creating start-ups. Some of the noticeable alumni are: James H. Mathisen - Mental Health Director at the Juvenile Detention Center in Omaha, and Suzanne Goudzwaard - Clinical psychologist for Associates in Grand Junction, Colorado.