Australian College of Christian Studies

Australia, New South Wales

Australian College of Christian Studies is one of the finest college in the Christian Studies located in New South Wales founded in 1979.Australian College of Christian Studies (ACCS) formerly known as Tabor College NSW, is a College of higher education registered and accredited through the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA). Also, the courses range from Diploma level to Bachelors level. Overall, ACCS is something where students will be recognized locally and internationally as pastors, counselors, chaplains, and as vocational role in the field of Christian.

Campus Life

Australian College of Christian Studies offers courses in Ministry, Theology and Counselling. In addition, it also facilitates students with on-campus housing. Here, students do come from different churches from different locations, with different callings, all unified by the love of Jesus Christ and his people. The college does aims to provide students with an array of valuable opportunities for professional, academic and spiritual growth in an encouraging Christian environment. Strong part of the college is its faculty, sound support services and small class sizes ensuring students are attended to on a one-to-one personal level.

Noted Alumni

Some of the famous notable alumni of Australian College of Christian Studies are John Armstrong- Anglican bishop, Robert J. Banks- biblical scholar and practical theologian, Paul Barker- bishop in the Anglican Church of Australia, Phillip Jensen- former dean of St Andrew's Cathedral in Sydney, Peter Jensen- Retired Australian Anglican bishop, theologian and academic, and Leon Morris- Australian New Testament scholar.