Australian College of Nursing

Australia, Australian Capital Territory

Formed in 2012, the Australian College of Nursing was originally known as the New South Wales College of Nursing, which was established all the way back in 1949. Through a series of name changes and amalgamations, today the institute stands as the Australian College of Nursing. The institute provides vocational education and training courses for students who have graduated as nurses and what to upskill or add further qualifications to their resume. By offering a range of graduate certificate courses, the institute helps students attain a degree of specialization that allows them to serve as practitioners or work in niche specialist fields. Graduate certificates include, Acute Care Nursing, Breast Cancer Nursing, Child and family Health Nursing, Cosmetic Nursing, Dermatology Nursing, Drug and Alcohol Nursing, Orthopaedic Nursing, Neonatal Care, Palliative Care, and Stomal Therapy Nursing, among many others. A bonus is the fact that many of these graduate certificates are offered with the option to avail the Higher Education Relief Package announced by the Australian government, which subsidises fees for short online courses, decreasing the financial burden on students, post-COVID.

Campus Life

While most courses are offered online, the Australian College of Nursing has two campuses based in Canberra and Sydney. The institute hosts a number of events for nurses as well, hosting a number of eminent personalities from all around the world to discuss major issues in the nursing and midwifery field.

Noted Alumni

The Australian College of Nursing operates a membership network for nurses to stay connected and support each other.  Membership grants nurses a number of perks, and also allows them access to a number of resources to help expand their knowledge.