Australian Defence Force Academy at UNSW

Australia, Australian Capital Territory

The Australian Defense Force Academy (ADFA) is a three-time military base that provides military and educational training to novice recruits of the Australian Defense Forces in the Royal Australian Navy (RAN), the Australian Army and the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF). In 2016 the Academy began accepting students for its undergraduate studies.    Higher education is offered by the University of New South Wales' Canberra campus, known as UNSW Canberra at ADFA, which is a body that rewards ADFA degrees. In addition to training future leaders of the Australian Defense Force, UNSW Canberra also offers degree programs and short courses to Department of Defense personnel and the general public.

Campus Life

ADFA is well known within the ADF and the local Canberra region for its sports program. While not mandatory, it is strongly recommended that each student takes up at least one game a year to develop their team, leadership and community skills.    There are numerous clubs and societies available for the students to join as well. These clubs include community service, music production, web designing, martial arts, photography, and many more. The clubs are designed to cater to every student’s hobby and past-time. ADFA promotes co-curricular activities and ensures that all the students feel refreshed while pursuing the course.

Noted Alumni

Some of the notable alumni from the university include Susan Coyle, Kirstin Ferguson, Chris Field (general), Mark Hammond (admiral), David Kilcullen, Roger Noble, Anthony Rawlins, Stuart Robert, Craig Stockings, Michael Stone (Australian Army officer), Kathryn Toohey, and Nial J. Wheate.