Australian Institute of Business

Australia, South Australia

Australian Institute of Business and Technology or AIBT is a private institute of vocational training that provides Certificates, Graduate Studies, Diploma and Advanced Diploma and is one of the highly renowned universities in Australia. AIBT Global was established in 2015. Under AIBTGlobal, Australia Institute of Business and Technology has two different Registered Training Organizations or RTO’s. They share some resources like equipment, training staff etc. but operate independently. AIBT offers courses in IT, Business, Health Science, Aviation, Hospitality, Community Services, IT, and Dental services with jobs that are transferable across Australia. The institute provides facilities like support services, full-time trainers, counseling professionals and support services as a strong study support system. Other facilities like insurance cover and homestays are also provided. Admission at Australia Institute of Business and Technology is available in multiple intakes and requires a non-refundable fee of 200 AUD from its candidates. The institute is a greatly ranked organization for studying in Australia that has a graduation rate of nearly 80%.

Campus Life

Australia Institute of Business and Technology has 6 campuses, out of which 3 are in Sydney, 2 in Brisbane and 1 in Hobart.The campuses are named as : QLD Mount Gravatt Campus, Brisbane ; NSW Blacktown Campus, NSW ; NSW Homebush Campus (Specialized Lab), Sydney ; TAS Hobart Campus, Hobart ; QLD Sheldon’s Training Restaurant Brisbane ; NSW Sheldon's Training Restaurant Sydney ; NSW Edison Engineering Workshop, Sydney ; QLD Edison Engineering Workshop, Brisbane. Around 3,500 students are currently enrolled at Australia Institute of Business and Technology. All the locations of AIBT, that is, Sydney, Brisbane and Hobart are beautiful cities and have a great city life.

Noted Alumni

The AIB has alumni members in over 60 countries, consisting of over 10000 individuals.