Brisbane School of Theology

Australia, Queensland

A school that was established in 1943 with just sixteen students is now grown up to over 1800+ graduates. Brisbane School of Theology is situated in Toowong, Queensland. It represents Bible-centered theological trained schools forming a diverse and supportive community, making pupils for God's purposes. It has 23+ accredited courses in total. The Centre's mission is to serve as an Australian centre for the rapid spread of the gospel in Asia. Its goal is to prepare Christians for ministry in Asian contexts, promote Asian Christian studies, and link Asian-focused Christians, churches, and organisations through events, services, and partnerships.

Campus Life

The college’s program especially emphasizes biblical studies and mission. Other important components of the curriculum are spiritual formation and field education which in all enhances the students to get enriched knowledge of God. The college is an affiliated college of the Australian College of Theology (ACT) and a part of a huge community for the students to interact and live in. They also provide on-campus housing for students, which is particularly beneficial to international students.

Noted Alumni

For over 75 years our college has been training up men and women for mission and ministry. Since its foundation, BST burgeoned a long way from sixteen students to more than eighteen hundred students graduating and supporting the alumni of the theological institute. Some of the famous names are Joan Eley, Graham Staines, Betty Black, and Graham Chalker.