United Kingdom, England

British School of Osteopathy, currently known as The University College of Osteopathy (UCO), is one of the largest and oldest school of osteopathy in the UK. The UCO has been graced with Recognized Qualification (RQ) status from the statutory regulatory body for osteopathy in the UK by the General Osteopathy Council. Originally established in 1917, The UCO was granted the degree awarding powers in October 2015 and renamed to the current title in 2017 by the Privy Council. The University College of Osteopathy has a range of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes available to full or part-time students. There is also an Introduction to Osteopathic Sciences course, which is designed for potential M.Ost students who have proven academic achievement but who lack a solid grounding in the sciences. Other than postgraduate training in Academic and Clinical Education, Animal Osteopathy, Paediatric Osteopathy, the University offers Masters in Osteopathy and Honors with Professional Nutrition Practice.  

Campus Life

The chancellor, Princes AnneThe Princess Royal, in 1984 became institution’s Patron and dedicated the motivation of the UCO to educate osteopaths and continue researching. The students enrolled in the university start their real-life encounters of their patients along with their studies. The UCO has its clinical centre at 98-118 Southwark Bridge Road, London. This clinic is Europe’s Largest Osteopathic centre and can treat more than 40,000 patients. Patients with sports injuries, expectant mothers, children and also people with HIV/AIDS are treated at the centre. 

Noted Alumni

Notable Alumni: Anisha Josh (Teacher at BCOM), Annie Marie (Osteopath).