United States, California

California University of Management Sciences is a non-profit, accredited higher education institution located in Anaheim, California. The university is accredited by independent colleges and school accreditation committees and can grant bachelor and master degrees. As an innovative university, it is always looking for ways to provide the most effective education to help our students achieve their learning and career goals. CALMAT offers graduate degrees in business management, computer information systems, economics, healthcare management, and international business, as well as undergraduate degrees in business management with the mission to provide high-quality, flexible, innovative, industry-related programs that will be advanced Technology, and mature management strategies enable students to apply their knowledge and skills to global high-tech industries. CALMAT courses and programs are designed to support full-time and part-time students. These courses are systematic, ability-based, and use innovative teaching methods. Proficiency in public speaking and technical writing is part of the degree requirement.

Campus Life

California University of Management Sciences has two campuses. The main campus of the university is the Anaheim campus in Anaheim, California, which was established in 1998. In 2008, the university established a second campus, the Virginia campus in Fairfax, Virginia.