Canada, British Columbia

Capilano University was established in 1968 and located in North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Capilano started with only 784 students and today, it is one of the best Universities in Canada with an expertise of over 50 years. With over 11000 students, this University offers more than 90 programs with a classification of Degrees, Associate Degrees, Certificates, Diplomas, and many pathway programs affiliated with Faculties of Arts and Sciences, Business Studies, Fine and Applied Arts, Global and Community Studies, Engineering, Performing Arts, Biology, 2D and 3D Animation, Theatre and many more.  The University publishes its own newspaper and is known as ‘Capilano Courier’. Also, keeping in mind the skills for employment in British Columbia, students are work-ready when they graduate and have a 96% of Graduate employability. This University ensures a student’s success, professionally and personally.

Campus Life

Campus life at Capilano University is very comfortable and everything is accessible. The main campus is a few minutes away from Downtown Vancouver and gives abundant part-time job availability throughout the year. Grocery Stores and Cafeterias also add glory to the area, making it easy to socialize and networking. Every campus has an ethic of a 30 students’ class, emphasizing details very minutely. The University has a Scholarship policy and holds more than 100 types of bursaries for the students with strong academics. The library is also available for knowledge geeks and many e-books are also present digitally. Besides education, the Center for sport also has amenities like Gymnasium, Lockers for students and Soccer. A peaceful and harmonious environment is found at every campus of Capilano University that encourages multi-cultural teamwork.

Noted Alumni

Capilano University has given outstanding alumni and has one of the biggest alumni networks in Canada. Bria Skonberg-a Canadian Jazz Trumpeter, Chantal Strand-a Canadian actress, Joel Fafard-renowned Guitarist, Silvana Burtini-former Canadian Soccer player, Camilla d’Errico-Candian Painter and Artist, Cheri Maracle-Canadian actress, Jamie Garratt-Canadian Entrepreneur have pursued their education at the Capilano University. The University is very considerate and helps students get in touch with highly decorated alumni and expand their networking globally.