Carnegie Mellon University Australia

Australia, South Australia

Carnegie Mellon is a formidable name in the US education industry, being in the top 100 of the world’s best universities, as rated by QS. It is also one of the first American universities to open shop in Australia. It’s campus in Australia carries forward that legacy and allows Australian and international students alike to receive a quality education. The Australian branch of the University was founded in 2006. It’s course catalogue includes degree programmes in public policy and management, IT management, business intelligence, and data analytics. Students receive the highest quality of education delivered by residing and visiting faculty from Pittsburgh and Washington D.C. Moreover, upon graduation, students receive a Carnegie Mellon American degree, to testify the upholding of quality standards by the Australian branch. Apart from the degree programmes stated above, the university also provides Executive Education Programs, for senior and mid-level managers, who want to equip themselves with new skills to stay competitive in a rapidly changing employment environment. For international students, the university has arranged for a range of scholarships and support packages, which greatly reduce the financial burden on international students. Throughout their time at the university, students get numerous opportunities to interact with highly qualified faculty from the Pittsburgh Campus, and may also be able to opt for a semester abroad at the Pittsburgh Campus.

Campus Life

Invited by the South Australian Government to open a campus in its international university precinct, the CMU campus offers a range of facilities that are on par with those offered at its other campuses. Facilities such as AV-labs, IT and computer labs, seminar halls, modern classrooms, libraries and much more make the student experience at CMU unparalleled. Numerous committees such as the Yearbook committee and the Student representative committee, organise exciting events throughout the year, and are a must for international students, as they allow them to connect with other like-minded individuals. Apart from the campus facilities, Adelaide is consistently rated as one of the top cities to live in due to a range of factors, such as, the cost of living in Adelaide being much lower than that of other Australian metropolitans.

Noted Alumni

An extremely creative initiative undertaken by CMU is the Red Ladders virtual event platform, which allows alumni living all across the globe to share their stories of success with current students. CMU alumni work all over the world in industry leading companies such as Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Coca-Cola, Citigroup among others! Some success stories include Kristin Carson, Research Professor at the University of South Australia; and James Tan, Software Engineer.