Catholic Theological College

Australia, Victoria

Established in 1972, the Catholic Theological College is a place of learning and research in the fields associated with Christianity and faith. In 1973, CTC became a recognized institute and a part of the University of Divinity which is one of the oldest degree-granting authorities in the state of Victoria. The college is located in one of the most beautiful and famous cities of Australia, Melbourne. It offers 30 undergraduate and graduate programs on Theology, Philosophy, and Ministry. CTC is among the most diverse colleges as students come from a wide range of backgrounds and interests. The research programs on philosophy and theology come under high standards of teaching within the catholic tradition.

Campus Life

The college is located in East Melbourne beside the Fitzroy Gardens and on the edge of the Melbourne Central Business District. The college has been located in various parts of Melbourne city since its beginning, but since 1999 it has been located in East Melbourne at the site of Parade College. Its building brings together the historic bluestone of the most historic and famous Parade College and its award-winning architecture. At the heart of CTC, there is a historic library, Daniel Mannix Library, which has a collection of more than 90 years and continuing to add new resources to its collection. The college also provides facilities like health centers, gymnasiums, clinics, and sporting facilities. The city of Melbourne is among the top 10 most beautiful cities in the world to live in and is among the best student cities in Australia.

Noted Alumni

Among the notable alumni who went on to become professors and lecturers, Dr. Cullan Joyce, Rev. Dr. Chris Mulherin; Rev. Prof. Francis J. Moloney SDB AM; Rev. Prof. Austin Cooper, Church History and Spirituality; Rev. Dr. Peter Cross, executive member of the Council of Christians and Jews (Victoria).