Canada, Quebec

Cegep Marie-Victorin College is a higher education institute located in Montreal, Quebec. The college achieved the status of a public college in the year 1993. The college is renowned for its vocational training in a human and eco-responsible learning environment. The main focus of the college is to provide a cognitive environment to the students so that they can achieve success both academically and professionally. The faculties of the Cegep Marie-Victorin College are highly experienced and are always ready to help their students. The college offers 22 programs in the domain of Arts, Music, People and Science. Moreover, it also offers technical programs, internships and pre-university programs. Apart from that, it is the only public Cegep institute to provide the program in the domain of Fashion.

Campus Life

The main campus in Montreal offers a variety of amenities like a library with separate rooms for teamwork, audiovisible services – for those who need to use AV equipment or those who require troubleshooting in AV. A special Information Technology Department is also accessible for the students who need to use computers and other related equipments. The campus encompasses other services apart from academics like health and psychosocial services, adapted services, career choice and job search, cafeterias, on-campus accommodation, and different sports clubs. Overall, the college campus sounds perfect in all terms.

Noted Alumni

As an alumnus of Cegep Marie-Victorin College, you can subscribe to the graduate newsletter. As a subscriber, you can get access to various CEGEP events, college job services - to find better employment and the “Informavic” (college magazine specifying details about the Cegep, its students, staff and its graduates). Some of the alumni from Cegep are Elysa Brousseau- a fashion Designer, Laurence Gauvin-Chapados- an artist and music composer, Sophie Quirion- a music composer and many more.