Canada, Ontario

Centennial College is situated in the financial capital of Canada, Toronto. The college is known for its cultural diversity as it welcomes a large number of international students every year. The 5 campuses that the college spans across are Ashtonbee, Downsview, Morningside, Progress, and Story Arts. It is also believed that almost 100 ethnocultural groups are represented, and 80 languages are spoken on the campus. Centennial offers more than 260 programs including bachelor's degree, diploma, certificate, post-graduate certificate, and apprenticeship programs, in business, communication arts, applied computing, health sciences, animation, music, theatre, film, and design. Meanwhile Centennial provides four-year undergraduate degrees which are Bachelor of Information Technology, Bachelor of Science in Nursing Collaborative Nursing Degree, Bachelor of Public Relations Management as well.

Campus Life

Centennial College welcomes approximately 25000 students every year, among which approximately 14000 are international students. The college admits around 19000 part- time students as well. It also offers some innovative degree programs in collaboration with the University of Toronto and Ryerson University. A few joint-degree programs in the field of paramedicine, journalism media studies, Environmental science and technology, and applied microbiology are taught to students with the help of the University of Toronto. Furthermore, the Bachelor of Nursing program is also delivered in collaboration with Ryerson University. Centennial College offers the facility of on-campus residence as well. Some amenities like private bedrooms, kitchens, heater, and air-conditioner, and walking and biking options from residence to class are provided by the institute. The college also has collaboration with off- campus residences which the students can find by visiting the college’s International Facebook page.

Noted Alumni

More than 50,000 alumni are among the top leading positions across the world. Some of them being Brian Bigger, Brian Hayes, Will Morin, Glenn Thibeault are graduates of Cambrian College who have played important roles in upliftment of Canadian politics. A renowned product designer named Francois Chartrand was a graduated from Centennial as well