United States, Ohio

Colombus State Community College is a community college settled in the city of Colombus which was established in the year 1963. At the time of the foundation of the college, it was labeled as Colombus Area Technician's School in 1963, and later in the yea 1987, it was given the current name by the founders. The college always believed that the key to a successful career is always the prime devotion towards education. The CSCC offers a great blend of theoretical and practical programs with great staff support which helps students to foster their professional careers. Every year more than 45,000 students choose to be a part of CSCC and form the alliance for the life-time. The college offers various programs in different fields such as Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences; Biological, Physical, and Mathematical Sciences; Business and Hospitality Services; Computer Science, Information Technology, and Design; Construction and Skilled Trades; Education, Human Services, and Public Safety; Health Sciences; Engineering, Manufacturing, and Engineering Technology.

Campus Life

Situated in a huge 71 acres of area, the Colombus State Community College has a stellar campus, as the college believes in offering great services rather than huge buildings. The campus offers 26 different academic buildings in which all the facilities like a library which consists of thousands of reading materials and books, a counseling center, and many more. The college believes in providing a healthy and cognitive environment to students so that they can have a home-like feeling being on the campus. The student organization on the campus offers various events for the students. The college also offers different cafés and restaurants so that students do not need to fret about a place to live and a place to eat. The CSCC offers great varsity sports services where students can take part in their favorite sports and can also win scholarships.

Noted Alumni

Over the year the Colombus State Community College has produced many great personalities who went on to achieve great heights. Some of the great alumni are David Miller, President and Chief Operating Officer of Cameron Mitchell Restaurants. Curtis Duffy, owner of the restaurant Grace. Terri B. Jamison, a judge at Franklin County Court of Common Pleas. Alex Dontre, drummer of the comedy metal band Psychostick.