Canada, Quebec

École de Technologie supérieure (ETS), a French-language engineering college in Montreal, Quebec is a part of Université du Québec system. The renowned college educates 11,000 students annually thus; statistically, 25% of provincial engineers are proud ETS graduates. It offers undergraduate, graduate, second cycle, and doctoral courses in the following disciplines: Construction, Electrical, Computer, Software, Mechanical, Production, and Industrial Engineering. The research-intensive institute has 8 Canadian, 9 institutional and 2 NSERC chairs with 28 research units. Moreover, 60% of research activities collaborate with the industries!

Campus Life

The ETS is located at Notre-Dame street west in the city of Montreal, Quebec. The 5 buildings combine to become an educational and research centre of the college. There are exciting international competitions hosted by the student council. The world’s fastest human-powered submarine called Omer was designed by one of ETS technical clubs! ETS Piranhas are school representatives at Canadian Interuniversity Sports. Students at ETS indulge themselves in various clubs and organizations conducted in the vicinity. Scholarships are awarded by the institution whereas students can also get benefited by loan and bursaries program by the Government of Quebec.

Noted Alumni

ETS provides excellent education which has helped students to escalate in their respective careers. Some of the famous alumni are; Charles Bombardier is an engineer, innovator, investor, and in 2016 he was awarded 'the most imaginative person' for his work in Industrial Design, Mathieu Lemacy is Canadain politician in Quebec and was elected as the National Assembly in 2014, and Abdelhaq Sari is a professor at the University of Quebec.