Canada, British Columbia

Established in 1965, Fraser International College is a private institution based in Burnaby, Vancouver that is a part of Simon Fraser University and works to promote an engaged and active citizenry, a healthy economy and, genuine respect for the natural surroundings. The college was instituted with a sense to prepare the International students and to have a convenient and well laid out passage to enter Simon Fraser University. Therefore, it is one of the prime institutions to study in Canada. Furthermore, the University Transfer Program of the college is similar to the first-year bachelor's program at Simon Fraser University. Along with this, the college has various pathway courses for Under Graduate and Post Graduate.

Campus Life

The campus located very close to Vancouver. The campus is friendly for students who travel on foot, has various learner aids, on-campus habitation facilities, and neighborhood shops. Interestingly, it has access to Simon Fraser University’s library which hosts numerous research elements. Apart from this, the college is also invested in fitness, wellness and counseling and promoting the overall well-being of students. There are multiple options for the students to choose from like the free 24/7 counselling and mental health support, free audio/video recordings of relaxation, yoga, guided meditation and so on.

Noted Alumni

Various Alumni have gone on to business with multilateral organizations, governments, and the not-for-profit sector internationally and across Canada. Others have gone on to further education, like PhDs and law academy. Some of the alumni are Jenna Dixon, Tori Wong, Leanne Baumung, Daniel Mundeva, Andrea Ringrose, Kirsten Pontalti.