Canada, Ontario

Knox College is a postgraduate theological institute located in Toronto, Canada. It is a part of the University of Toronto and was founded in 1844. Knox College has several affiliations with different churches and educational institutes like the Presbyterian Church of Canada, Toronto School of Theology, to name a few. The college offers doctoral degrees in the field of Christianity and theology. Besides that, it also has numerous master’s degrees in the same field. A few advanced degrees like Master of Arts in theology, Master of Theology, and Doctor of Ministry are offered in partnership with the University of Toronto.

Campus Life

Knox College has several old and historical architectures on its campus. It has a chapel that is also accessible by the University of Toronto community. The chapel is constructed with a lot of thinking and logic behind it. It has two rows of benches with a long aisle between them. There is also a massive window on its southern side unobstructed by any buildings in the area making direct sunlight enter the building which is softened by the glasses inside the chapel. The college also houses some historical pieces like the Chancel Organ, the Gallery organ, and the most famous Helmuth Wolff organ.

Noted Alumni

Knox college graduates can be found all over the country working in various churches and other religious institutes. Furthermore, the college also has an alumni association that helps other students to connect to their seniors.