United States, Michigan

Lawrence Technological University, commonly known as Lawrence Tech and LTU is a private university in Southfield, Michigan. It was founded in 1932 by Russell E. Lawrence and was named Lawrence Institute of Technology. The teaching here is all about "theory and practice", bringing intellectual ideas into the real world to solve tomorrow's crisis. The institute believes that through a student-centered learning environment and applied research, including theory and practice, innovative and agile leaders can be cultivated. The method adopted by the university leads to rational development and transforms students into critical thinkers, leaders and lifelong learners. Lawrence Tech also has ample facilities near Detroit, the state's largest city, and is considered a North American automobile manufacturing center. 

Campus Life

Extracurricular activities on campus contain more than 60 student clubs, organizations and leadership opportunities. The Student Union represents all organizations on campus. If supported by at least 30 signed student petitions, the university will usually allow new student clubs in any field of interest. In addition, the campus security department provides 24-hour security services for LTU's academic campus and some off-campus areas ensuring the goal of providing a safe environment. Moreover, A rich experience is given both inside and outside the classroom of the university campus. The community-style buildings offer opportunities to build relationships with fellow mates on campus, participate in interesting educational programs, and learn how to be interdependent.

Noted Alumni

The university prides itself on the famous alumni associated with them. Some of them are Steven A. Ballmer- former Microsoft CEO and current NBA Clippers owner, John DeLorean-former GM executive created the first muscle car and Lewis Veraldi-the late father of the original Ford Taurus and Sable. Besides, from the free membership of the alumni association to participating in events, to access countless resources and benefits; the university has made it easier than ever for former graduates to keep in touch with their alma mater.