United States, Massachusetts

The Massachusetts Institute of Medicine and Health Sciences (MCPHS University) is a renowned private college dedicated to medical and Paramedical programs in the Longwood Medical and Academic District in Boston, Massachusetts. It was set up in 1823. Besides, the University offers conventional and quickened study programs with an emphasis on professional instruction in the drug store and wellbeing sciences. The Massachusetts Institute of Medicine and Health Sciences University has extended to incorporate two campuses in Worcester, Massachusetts and Manchester, New Hampshire. Massachusetts Institute of Medicine and Health Sciences is not only appreciated for an abundance of decent variety in the students' populace, but also for offering a broad scope of medical services designs that stay up with the interdisciplinary group approach in present-day medical services foundations.         

Campus Life

The University has more than 100 Clubs, organizations, and intramural sports available at the campus for the students to enjoy without worrying. In addition, the college has more than 3500 students living on campus. An effective way to make the most of the student's college experience is to indulge the students in events that inspire, embrace the passion, and ultimately empower the future. The campus has a plethora of buildings for different uses such as for the classroom, for dining, library, science building and so on. Furthermore, the university campus has a Campus Safety Office. Its prominent role is to cooperate with the campus community to improve a safe living, learning and working environment, provide quality services that emphasize integrity and professionalism, and promote personal responsibility and commitment to cooperation.         

Noted Alumni

The University of Massachusetts Institute of Medicine and Health Sciences' alumni are positioned at the administrative positions in the fields of government affairs, social change, film photography, and training. So far, many dignitaries have been graduated from the university, some of them are Andrew Chetcuti (Maltese freestyle swimmer), Mark Pieloch (the President and owner of PF), Robert Goforth (Kentucky House of Representatives), Norman Farnsworth (a pharmacognosist, professor, and author).