United States, Mississippi

Founded in 1826, Mississippi College is a private, coeducational university devoted to academic excellence. It is the oldest higher education institution in Mississippi and the largest private university. The institute's aim lies in integrating faith into the curriculum and learning during the education process. The college consists of more than 50 undergraduate and graduate programs, including the only physician assistant program in the state which is offered here. Some of the most popular domains offered here are business, education as well as science. Along with the small-scale campus, caring professors and close student organizations make learners feel more like a family. 

Campus Life

Even though the campus size is nearly 80 acres; Mississippi College provides the best college life and experiences worth treasuring! There is a diversity of interests and options on campus which offers multiple opportunities to find one's niche. Students enjoy performing community service, attending the social clubs along with intramurals. In addition to these activities, the university also sponsors men's and women's football, basketball, baseball, tennis, football and table tennis teams. Weekends are the time for school-wide functions like the homecoming parades and various games which sweat the stress out from students. Not to forget, the college also offers high-class residence as well as dining options on-campus.

Noted Alumni

The alumni affiliated to the university are known for their outstanding academic achievements together with the firm commitment of serving the global society. There are many notable associates from different domains of life. This includes the Governor of Mississippi Phil Bryant, author and poet Dayn Perry, ophthalmologist Alston Callahan, Mississippi senator Lee Yancey, co-founder and former CEO of WorldCom Bernard Ebbers, U.S. Congressman Gregg Harper from Mississippi, author Barry Hannah and many more.