United States, New York

Monroe Community College (MCC) was set up as a public college at Monroe County, New York in 1961. This specific public community college has two campuses and provides 83 degree and certification programs with higher academic quality. Students from cross borders choose Monroe Community College as they get higher-level education, several opportunities to succeed, and all facilities at a fraction of the cost of a private college. As the college provides dedicated academics, it maintains a 20:1 student to faculty ratio for academic engagements and involvement with the faculty. Even the MCC knows the importance of academics for the students therefore there are online programs, accelerated, full-time & part-time courses, and distinctive short-span programs for students to suit their needs. While meeting personal and professional needs, the Monroe Community College offers a vibrant learning environment both inside and outside the classrooms. 

Campus Life

The Monroe Community College offers a great and unique campus life for the students who are ready to explore a diverse campus and several outbound challenges. Students at the Monroe College Campus can select their niche of interest from academics, athletics, events, programs, clubs, and organizations to eventually become involved in the campus community. There are more than 69 student groups active on-campus that make the college campus rich in diversity and traditions that come from across the globe. By joining the student community, every aspirant can involve and stay updated on all the campus happenings like students' community programs and city life explore day. Moreover, there are an MCC’s championship athletic teams to get along and be a part of for participating in several sporting events and win athletic awards and scholarships.

Noted Alumni

The college has an MCC Alumni Foundation that welcomes alumni graduates to reunite and enlarge the alumni community along with living memorit\es again at MCC. The Alumni foundation provides a clear pathway for the alumni to reconnect with their alma mater and contribute as donors in terms of assisting the current students to complete their education. Even the graduates of Monroe Community College can invest in the student's excellence programs along with attending student-alumni meets, campus events, and alumni programs. One of the major alumni events at the Monroe Community College is HomeComing where all the graduates of the college live their college days once again and meet their fellow candidates. Notable alumni of the Monroe Community College are Kelly Brannigan, Robert Duffy, Lou Gramm, Travis McCoy, and Tim Redding.