United States, New York

The New School is a private research university situated in New York City. It was established in 1919. It was founded a century ago by a handful of famous American intellectuals and educators. The New School is known for the creative arts courses taught by innovative artists of the 20th century, including Martha Graham, Frank Lloyd Wright, Aaron Copland and WH Oden. In addition, the university has approximately 10,000 students studying undergraduate and postgraduate courses and disciplines, including social sciences, humanities, architecture, art, design, music, drama, finance, psychology, and public policy.

Campus Life

The university has numerous buildings, but the main campus is situated in New York City and the other one is the Parsons Paris campus. Students live and learn as part of a diverse community and they make friends for a lifetime. In the New School, exploration is not limited to the classroom. By participating in campus organizations, seminars, conferences, public programs, wall sports, athletics and fitness classes, students will discover a community of people with a common passion. Apart from on-campus, the new school has public projects and occasions, which are face to face and on the web, offer watcher the opportunity to pose inquiries, talking about groundbreaking thoughts, make associations and discover a network of individuals prepared to draw in with what's going on the planet. Also, the New School University claims a few libraries in New York City and is an individual from the Southern Manhattan Research Library Association. In 2009, the library had an assortment of 1,906,046 books.

Noted Alumni

According to the university’s "Quick Fact" page, the new school has more than 56,000 students and graduates from 112 different Nations, including the former president of Israel (Shimon Peres), two-time Pulitzer and three-time Tony Award-winning playwright (Tennessee Williams), an artist (Shelley Winters) and many famous graduates.