United States, New York

New York Medical College is a private biomedical college in Valhalla city of New York. A 565 sub-urban campus linked with 20+ affiliated hospitals in New York. NYMC is run by three schools namely, the School of Medicine (SOM), the Graduate School of Basic Medical Sciences (GSBMS), and the School of Health Sciences and Practice (SHSP). NYMC supports and enhances education by innovative approach as well as a humanistic approach which will lead students to a better practical experience in the world.

Campus Life

Medical based campus life includes all the facilities and modern technologies for the students to explore. Students can carry on the research work at the library where several periodicals, research guides, and medicine based books are available for reference. Moreover, one can surely fit into three different departments of college and work according to their interest. NYMC holds meetings in research work to share ideas and in return, it helps students to gain knowledge of different perspectives.

Noted Alumni

Some of the notable alumni of New York Medical College are Susan McKinney Steward (American physician), Myra Adele Logan (American physician), Jane C. Wright (Surgeon), Robert Jay Lifton (American psychiatrist), Fahim Rahim (American nephrologist), Kin Yamei (Doctor), Robert A. Schwartz (American physician), Dan K. Morhaim (Legislator), Christ Zois (Author).