Canada, Alberta

NorQuest College has an exceptional capacity to shape its students in a steady and comprehensive manner according to the market requirement. Located in the city of Edmonton, Alberta. This public-funded college laid its foundation in the year 1965. It receives many local and international students from various backgrounds each year. Through hands-on classroom learning, distance learning and continuous study options, the needs of every student is catered. With contributions from industry, business and the open division, the college makes learning an important and fulfilling process with a one hundred percent dedication. There are courses offered in subjects of health, business, community studies, environment and much more.

Campus Life

The college campus embraces diversity with a 57% international student population with 115 languages to be heard on campus. The college has over 19000 students who are a part of 26 communities in their 2 Edmonton campuses. The student association called SANQC is committed to serving and representing students and to advocate issues faced by the students. The student association hosts various events throughout the year including barbecues, movie nights, student ambassador program and much more. NorQuest College does not provide on-campus accommodation though the college helps them with off-campus and private house rental options.  The college students contribute 471.4 million dollars to the economic income of Edmonton’s regional economy. 

Noted Alumni

NorQuest college's Alumni life allows the students to stay in touch with former graduate and postgraduate students. Some renowned alumni are – Michelle Woite who is an operating room nurse at the University of Alberta hospital, Kristen Davies who works for Peggy Yelland & Associates Inc in British Columbia.