United States, New Hampshire

Plymouth State University, also known as PSU, is located in New Hampshire and its history can be traced back to 1871 when the university was established as Plymouth Normal School. Since then, it has developed into a teacher's college, a state college, and finally achieved the title of an accredited university in 2003. PSU is part of the New Hampshire University System. Along with a friendly small-town atmosphere in a spectacular environment, the institute also offers numerous course options and opportunities to cultivate students' growth. The school has become famous in recent years for its meteorology program and is considered one of the best schools in the eastern United States. Other in-demand majors are health education, art, business, social sciences, education, psychology, and communication studies. 

Campus Life

Stunning natural beauty blended with a friendly hometown atmosphere best describes the campus! With more than 100 student clubs, there is always something to do on or around campus. Campus life revolves around Hartman Union Building, nicknamed HUB. All programs reside in the HUB. Here, pupils can go to the bookstore, workout in the fitness room, drink coffee at Paw's Cafe, or meet friends by the fireplace. What is more, residential life and dining options provide a safe and fulfilling environment for students' positive experiences on campus. Residential life is dedicated to connecting students with each other and promoting the development of life skills.

Noted Alumni

PSU proudly boasts its famous personalities leading in the major areas of life. Some of the affiliates like radio-television personality Robin Alexis, American poet Ethan Paquin, U.S. Courts of Appeals judge- Jeffrey R. Howard, Pashtun women's rights activist Sanna Ejaz and many more are highly successful in their respective professions. The Alumni Association bridges and helps all the former graduates through various alumni gatherings, rewards and regular exchanges through Plymouth Magazine and social media.