Canada, Alberta

Red Deer College resides in the Red Deer, which is one of the fourth most considerable cities in Alberta. A highlight of the town is its location. It's covered by mountains in the west and various grasslands in the east. Founded in 1964, the RDC is one of the renowned public community colleges in Canada. Later on in 2018, the RDC applied to get the Status of the University so that they can offer their degree. It is now expecting to receive approval for the University title in the next three to four months. Furthermore, the teaching method of RDC is different from other colleges, as they promote their students to gain real-world experience. RDC provides the students with opportunities for hands-on learning and to gain practical knowledge by visiting various industries. The RDC offers 90 plus courses for Degree, Certificate, Skilled trades, and Diploma programs. One of the other factors for its popularity is its edge-cutting research at its research center.

Campus Life

Red Deer College provides its academic services at two different locations. The core campus is situated near the Queen Elizabeth II Highway, in the corridor of the Alberta; whereas, the other campus is located in the downtown of the Red Deer, famously known for the Donald School of Business. The Main campus provides all the necessary amenities like all the academic buildings, Library, a restaurant, and also a few other places to get relaxed. For the students who are interested in sports, there is Gary W. Harris Canada Games Centre and a gym so that they can play different types of sports and can also take care of their physical fitness. The Welikoklad Even Centre organizes many local events for the college in the past in downtown.

Noted Alumni

All the benefits of being a part of the RDC are not just limited to the present students; the RDC serves these benefits to their alumni also. The RDC Student Career Centre Job Board helps the employers to connect with their alumni and current students to provide them with various career opportunities. KD Lang – a Canadian pop singer and songwriter, Kari Matchett – a Canadian actress known for her work in Apartment Hunting, Tim Tamashiro – a Canadian Jazz singer are one of the few notable alumni of the RDC.