United States, Rhode Island

Established in 1877, the private arts and design college in Providence, Rhode Island is Rhode Island School of Design (RISD). This school has remained successful in achieving their mission and vision that was to educate the students which make the students capable to face challenges in the job market. Rhode Island School of Design enrolls a large number of students from local as well as other countries to pursue their education. The total enrolment of the students is 2,227 students in the school. The programs that are being offered to the undergraduates are in 21 majors degrees including bachelors and masters. Some of the courses are architecture, drawing, illustration, sculpture, jewelry, graphic design and so on.

Campus Life

The campus is considered to be the best place for learning and acquiring knowledge. Moreover, the school has a museum which has a wide collection of the various cultures that ranges from past to present about the art, artist and institutions. The campus ensures to make students feel comfortable and for that, they provide student services in the form of accommodation with wide options, health and wellness, dining facility and much more. The food that is made available, is of more variety and hygienic. The campus is safe for the students due to its tight security system for 24/7. The recreational events organized every year on-campus to elevate the mood of the students are an open studio, exhibition, artist's ball, milk series and so on.

Noted Alumni

The school has a large network of alumni which is nearly 30,465 globally. All the graduates have secured a good position in their profession and inspire the current students to focus on their education and achieve their goals in life. The alumni always get support and guidance from the professors for their careers. These scholarly people have earned a name in their job sector which increased the reputation of the Rhode Island School of Design. The notable alumni are Master in Fine Arts- Kara Walker, Graphic designer- Shepherd Fairey, Iranian – American artist- Deana Lawson and many more.