Rollins College

United States, Florida

The private Liberal Arts institute, Rollins College was established in 1885 in in Winter Park, Florida announcing their motto “Fiat Lux” (Let there be light). It was founded by New England Congregationalists who had a unique perspective towards Liberal Arts and wanted to introduce this to the Florida frontier. Rollins College is the first recognized College of the State. At Rollins students are constantly challenged to venture out of their usual thinking process and perspectives and go beyond their limitations and cross the boundaries on conventional methods and ideology. By this students attain a more profound comprehension of the world and their place and role to perform in it. The College’s curriculum is designed to connect the dots between academics and practical applications which helps students to actually make a difference in the community with the help of hands on learning experience and regular interaction with people.

Campus Life

Located within the walkable distance of downtown Orlando making the College’s campus an ideal location for a fast speed city life. At Rollins students get a chance to study in an environment that is culturally enriched, intercollegiate athletics and a world of opportunities to explore. Being a small school students can expect to get personal attention in their academics and run into new friends around the campus. Rollin is proud of more than 100 organizations and students clubs that help students enhance their extra-curricular skills. Rollin is distinguished as a highly community involved campus, students constantly find themselves making a positive impact in the community. Apart from excellent academics and housing facilities, the Campus houses more than 6 restaurants and 15 off campus dining ,Starbucks coffee, and made-to-order sushi which makes it a perfect hub for foodies.

Noted Alumni

The College boasts its success stories through some of the notable alumni spread across the world like Michael Nouri who is  American screen and stage actor, American singer, dancer and actor- Christopher Alan Kirkpatrick, Italian-American businessman, television personality-Lorenzo Borghese, author of  Frasier, Will & Grace-Janis Hirsch and ex- president of Walt Disney Parks & Resorts- Meg Gilbert Crofton