Canada, Alberta

Established in 1986, the St.Mary’s University (StMU) is a private institute located in Calgary, Alberta. In 2004, the St.Mary’s University got approval to offer its degree and was granted the status of a University. The University is renowned for its valuable degree in the domains of Liberal Arts, Sciences and Technology. Apart from that, the University offers a Bachelor’s degree in Arts and Education. StMU also provides a three-year bachelor’s degree of Arts in 4 different domains, namely English, History, Psychology and General Studies. The University also offers an option of transferable university courses in 35 academic fields of study. The educational objective of the University is to provide the best quality teaching and the cognitive environment, which helps the students enhance their careers. Nearly 80 full and part-time faculties are available to guide the students in their journey.

Campus Life

St.Mary’s University has a single sited campus that encompasses all the necessary amenities with all the modern technology. There are 51 workstations which are made available to the students as per their course selection. Moreover, to make on-campus life fun, there are many student clubs which are organized mainly for the students to share things related to their area of interest. The University has a fitness centre for health-conscious students that provides various options for personal and group exercise training. Students interested in a different type of sports and athletics can be part of the sport and wellness department for enhancing their sports skills. Apart from this, the University offers amenities like cafeteria, library, bookstore and services like counselling, on-campus accommodation and enrolment services.

Noted Alumni

St.Mary’s University provides various benefits to its alumni in all aspects. The alumni program stay connected with all the alumni, irrespective of the program selection, so that they can motivate the current students and give them proper career guidance. The University runs the TD Insurance Meloche Monnex program for their alumni. Under this program, the students can buy cars, home and tenant insurance, vehicle insurance and other related bits of help at quite an affordable rate.