Canada, Ontario

• St. Lawrence Campuses are situated in historic communities along the St. Lawrence River in eastern Ontario within easy traveling distance of two of Canada's largest cities, Toronto and Montreal. They are even closer to Ottawa, the nation's capital. • 80+ programs—including post graduate programs in International Business Management, Human Resources • Average 91.6 % of graduates from St. Lawrence College get employed within 6 Months of Graduation & averagely 96.6 % of employers are satisfied with the quality of education their employees have, which is acquired through St. Lawrence College.

Noted Alumni

®     Gap in studies cannot be more than 2 years for UG and not more than 4 years for Graduates (do not submit fake experience certificate) ®     No conditional LOAs will be issued. ®     Backlogs in core subjects and number of backlogs in the same subject are being viewed with attention. Maximum number of 5 backlogs will be accepted. ®     High school marks: A minimum average of 65% in each grade. ®     Core subject grades should be minimum 60 % and above including Math & English ®     For all Post-Graduate applications, a backlog certificate of the applicant must be provided. We Do not accept more than 5 backlogs in the most recent degree. ®     For Medical students, marks in Biology, Physics & Chemistry should be close to 60 % or above. ®     For Non-Medical students, marks in Math, Physics & Chemistry should be close to 60 % or above. ®     For Commerce students, marks  in Accounting,  Statistics, Business & Economics should be close to 60 % or above ®     Note: To avoid any delays in the process, please ensure you provide the correct credit card Information with CVV number for the non-refundable processing fee. Make sure the credit card Details are clear and large enough to read. We will only be accepting credit cards from the agency (no personal credit card details from the applicant are accepted)