The University of Manchester

United Kingdom, England

Nestled in the industrial city of Manchester on Oxford Road is the University of Manchester. Formed by the merger of University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology and the Victoria University of Manchester in 2004, this red brick university being true to its origins, gives equal importance to all the fields, be it technology, science, liberal arts, law or theatre. The catalogue brims with multiple courses and programs at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, providing the aspirants with interesting specializations and impressive career opportunities

Campus Life

The campuses are equipped with all the modern technology, research centers and innovative facilities that a student needs to be self-sufficient in the professional environment.  Moreover, the various academic and cultural events organized by various student community groups make for a fun-filled experience of the student life at the Manchester University. The University as well the city of Manchester has been termed very welcoming and student friendly by international students from more than 160 countries all over the world. The accommodations, travel expenses and overall cost of living are easy on the pockets. Plus, the local transportation of buses, trams and tubes makes it very easy to hop around the city, which boasts of many hip places to have a good time. In all, Manchester brings in all the exciting perks of being a student in the UK.

Noted Alumni

Manchester University is associated with 25 Nobel prize winners and has world famous alumni like Benedict Cumberbatch, Anthony Burgess, James Chadwick and Anna Ford. Alan Turing, the genius who developed the initial model of computer also worked at the University of Manchester during the second world war.