Canada, Quebec

Since 1979, Trebas Institute’s mission has been to train talented individuals, enabling them to acquire the skills needed to become assets within the business, technology, and entertainment industries. Trebas Institute provides exceptional academic programs with celebrated instructors who are experts in their fields and regularly updated curriculums and syllabi provide our students with an edge when entering the jobs market. Our campus is situated in the heart of Montreal, the largest city in Canada's Québec province. French is the official language here and is widely spoken alongside English.  As a result, students can pursue education in either language or pick up some new lingo whilst studying alongside bilingual peers. Quebec has considerably lower international tuition fees than other Canadian provinces, in fact, it’s one of the most affordable education destinations in the western world. Accommodation, food, transport, daily expenses, and other living costs are lower in Quebec – with 11 of its cities ranked in the top 20 least expensive cities to live in Canada.

Campus Life

As of January 2021, only international graduates from select programs offered at Trebas Institute’s Quebec campus in Montreal are eligible to receive a Canadian post-graduate work permit (PGWP). The institution’s programs at the Ontario campus in Toronto are not PGWP-eligible. Trebas was voted as one of the best institutions "where to train as an artist" at the Toronto Star 2020 Readers’ Choice Awards in October 2020

Noted Alumni

Notable Trebas alumni include Grammy Award-winning music producer, Mike Piersante; music producer, Jeremy Harding (from Sean Paul's 2009 album, Imperial Blaze); Megadeth singer and guitarist, Dave Mustaine; and singer, songwriter and producer from France, Dominique de Witte