United Kingdom, England

An individual foundation of London-based secondary education is the UK College of Business and Computing (UKCBC), founded in 2001. The College has campuses that include all central and Greater London. The College has expanded from just one campus to six across London now, with Oxford Circus as well as Holborn campuses. The university consists of four separate campuses, including a special English language school on Oxford Street, covering London and Essex (Park Royal, Cricklewood, Holborn, and a second campus at Gants Hill). Gants Hill, London, is home to the central campus (UKCE). The UKCBC is proud of its educational attitude, which is inclusive, informative, and practical. The UKCBC logo and slogan convey this ethos; the three Us logo represents learning, growth, and professional advancement. The College has continued to improve an environment that meets the needs of the students and each program was planned with technological viability in mind. At the heart of each certification are quality and value; students should expect a conducive learning atmosphere and high-quality preparation for their prospective employees. 

Campus Life

The primary UKCBC campus is in Gants Hill, since the first opening of the College, Wentworth House has indeed been their central hub of operational activities. The departments which are important for the effective running of the college also were home to Wentworth House. Marketing, admissions, and administration comprise divisions working from Wentworth Building. Our Wentworth House campus is planning and initiating learning programs. The UK College of English (UKCE) is the new venue in central London which is the UK College of Business and Computing's English language branch (UKCBC). UKCE is an English language school on Oxford Street that is approved by the British Council. It is situated in the heart of central London. For students who study English in the capital, UKCE provides an ideal location.   

Noted Alumni

UKCBC's mission is to work together with students to lay the foundations of alumni career future for long-term success. As such, inspire alumni to be open to the ever-changing job environment by cultivating an active interest in learning while studying at the UKCBC. We see education as a lifelong process.