Make Your School Well-Known Around the World.

We work with hundreds of recruiters and students across the globe to enrol the best students for your campus.

Build Your Global Presence

Reach out to a vast source of international students at an affordable cost.

Student Diversity is Our Priority

Kanan attracts a diverse pool of students across the globe for your institution.

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High-Quality Student Profiles

Enrol our pre-screened, pre-qualified students at a fraction of the cost and time.

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Approved Recruiters

Benefit from our network of recruiters spread across the depth and breadth of the country.

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Document Screening

Our fool-proof document verification process is designed to work on your behalf.

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Student-Program Matching

Our program matching system ensures that students apply only to suitable programs.

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Recruitment Events

Participate in our online, worldwide study fairs and enrol qualifying students directly.

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