Create a Culturally
Rich Campus

Build Your Global Presence!

Kanan.co is a global student recruitment platform that connects students with the best education opportunities in their desired location.

Make Your School Well-Known Around the World.

Attract more international students to your institution, increase your school's brand awareness and enhance your school's online presence using our custom-built tools.


Hire the best, without the hassle

Precisely screened International student profiles are shared directly to your school’s application portal. You can also search profiles by country, major, GPA, and more.


Thoroughly vetted profiles

We have a rigorous vetting process to ensure that all our students are qualified, competent, and ready to work hard for you.


Large pool of talent

We offer one of the largest pools of potential students in the world - tens of thousands of motivated candidates. And we make it easy to get in touch with them.


More than a website

To encourage campus organization growth, we send profiles to your application portal. This provides you the opportunity to review and accept international applicants on behalf of your institution.

Power Up Your Enrolment

Access tools that streamline, simplify, and speed up the recruiting process. Get instant access to the most sought-after international students.


Kanan Events

With ‘Kanan Events,’ reach students and parents through our virtual fairs. Share brochures, launch programs, and find potential candidates


Institute Branding

Highlight your institution in our newsletters and across our vibrant social media channels to significantly expand your brand’s visibility.


Document Verification

Through Digisecure, we verify transcripts, recommendations, scores, and applications, ensuring only genuine candidates apply to your programs.


Engagement Tools

Engage students, address inquiries, send informative emails, streamline enrollment, and proactively monitor students’ progress throughout their journey.

Let’s hear it from our Students

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