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Kanan International, the study abroad consultants in Bangalore which have helped 1 lakh students to pursue their international studies without any struggles. Since 1996, our Bengaluru students have gone to countries such as the US, UK, Canada, Australia, etc. Students with a study gap got the student visa, and students with basic English proficiency got a 7+ band score in the IELTS exam with the help of our experts.

From entrance exams like IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, SAT to services such as visa processing, loan, application, admission, ticket, travel, accommodation arrangements will be carried out by our study abroad consultants in Bangalore. With 650+ partnerships with top universities in all the popular study destinations, we have made the Bengaluru students' study abroad dream possible.

study abroad consultants in bangalore

10 reasons to choose our "study in abroad consultancy in Bangalore"?

There are many specifications one needs to look at in the study in abroad consultancy in Bangalore. Kanan International being the leader of the industry will cater all your needs. Check out the reasons below to know why you need to prefer us.


From 1996, Kanan International diversified various departments, services to accomplish all the processes involved in pursuing international education. We became a one stop platform for all kinds of study abroad services for the students at Bengaluru.


We have started associating with top universities and colleges across the globe. We have partnered with 750+ institutes in countries like the US, UK, Australia, Canada, etc.


At the beginning stage we’ve accomplished the dream of students who want to study in the USA. Now, as time flies we’ve providing services for countries like the UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, France, Singapore including the USA.


Kanan International is a pioneer institute that offers SPP visa services and guidance to start their studies in Canada.


We also acquired the ICCRC (Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council) licence to make the students immigration process much simpler.


We conduct an initial mock test for our students at Bengaluru who are taking our coaching services and students looking to get admissions will get the complete consultation regarding the process, country, universities, etc.


IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, GMAT, SAT, PTE, Duolingo are some of the study abroad entrance exam coaching conducted at Kanan International.


More than 1 lakh students have benefitted from the consultancy, coaching and other services offered by Kanan International.


We make the students’ financial worries easier. We provide assistance for the education loan approvals, financial aid and grants. Also, Kanan International offers scholarships for the high-performing students.


Other than the admission process, we provide services like accommodation, travel, tickets, sim card, currency exchange, documentation, etc.

These are some of the highlights that makes Kanan International unique and a leader among all the other study in abroad consultancy in Bangalore.

Reviews and testimonials about our abroad education consultants in Bangalore

Want to know the service of our abroad education consultants in Bangalore? Look at the below reviews which students have given by benefiting from our service.


Hinal Amin

It was pleasant to work with Kanan International. Counsellors provided helpful advice and up-to-date information. Fast, efficient service was provided. Legitimate companies are becoming more difficult to find. It has been really beneficial to work with their counsellors. I am very grateful to them.


Kenali Trivedi

Kanan International will help you through the entire process of studying abroad. Counselling, IELTS tutoring, university applications, visas, and much more are all available. Also, I'd want to express my gratitude to everyone who assisted us during the process.


Shruti Sonera

Kanan International assisted me throughout the entire visa application process, from IELTS preparation to visa stamping. I'm pleased I went with Kanan Consultants. They gave me the finest advice and assisted me with any problem I had. Thank you, Kanan.

If you’re someone who is planning for international education and having a pile of questions about studying abroad, then you need to initiate the chat with the experts of our abroad education consultants in Bangalore.

Achieve your global education dream with the best overseas education consultants in Bangalore

Kanan International is titled as the best overseas education consultants in Bangalore by our alumni students who have successfully done their studies by taking our services. We haven’t limited our services for one particular course and degree. We provide services for students who are looking to study ug, pg, in engineering, arts, medical, science, MBA, etc. Also, our overseas education consultants in Bangalore offer consultancy for countries such as Canada, UK, USA, Australia, Germany, France, etc.

Why do you need the help of our foreign education consultants in Bangalore?

Students aspiring to study abroad need to get the help of the foreign education consultants in Bangalore because of these following reasons:

  • As a newbie, you can’t be aware of all the steps that take place in every procedure. The consultants will be expert and explain the complete steps involved in each process.
  • Choosing the country may look easier but selecting the right institute involves huge research. But, with our consultancy you can easily get into the universities you wish to study, as we have tie-ups with many institutes.
  • Career counselling will be undertaken for our Bengaluru students at our consultancy which clears students regarding the course choices, scope of the program they choose, and job opportunities.
  • Our consultants will also guide you with the country preference based on the budget and other requirements you have. We have specialised in giving services for many of the popular study destinations.
  • Handling every process at a time single handedly will lead to stress and end-up in missing some important procedures. As a consultancy being in the field for years we have experts for each procedure.
  • Following the deadline for each process will be a tedious task. Our consultants will get updated with the information and perform the application on time.
  • Getting loan approval involves too much documentation and other procedures. By taking services at Kanan International you’ll not be worried about financing your studies.
  • Kanan International is the one stop study destination for the students located in Bengaluru, so it will be much easier for you to get any kind of assistance and guidance from us.
  • The most well-known and scary process is to get eligible for the visa. Our consultancy has visa specialists who take care of every process to get approval even if you have any study gap.
  • Planning for all the minor steps involved in studying abroad like currency exchange, booking tickets, buying sim cards will tend to be missed. Kanan International helps you with these steps also, to ensure you get completely prepared.

These are some of the few reasons that students consider looking at the foreign education consultants like Kanan International to pursue their studies abroad. Reach us to get started!

Only education consultants in Bangalore to provide entrance exam coaching

Kanan International, education consultants in Bangalore will be your study abroad destination, you’ve no restrictions in choosing the services. If you are looking to take the first step to pursue your studies, you can enrol in our entrance exam coaching. We offer coaching for exams like IELTS, TOEFL, Duolingo, GRE, GMAT, SAT, etc. At our education consultants in Bangalore we provide offline, online, fast-track, and customised batches for students. Reach us to know more!

Fees for overseas consultants Bangalore

The starting fees to take the services of the overseas consultants Bangalore is Rs. 10,000. The services are different from consultancy to consultancy. Each consultancy has different price ranges for each service. Before enrolling in any of the overseas consultants Bangalore, know about the charges for the services you’re about to take.

10 facts to know before taking services of abroad education consultants Bangalore


While researching about the abroad education consultants Bangalore you need to look at the services they offer, expertise they have, students’ word of mouth and communication they build.


Before talking to the counsellor about the services, you need to know whether they offer services for the country you prefer.


If you don’t have any choice regarding universities, then go for their preference. But, make sure you do research about the universities based on your requirements.


The course preference is also important while choosing the universities. For some rare courses, very few top universities only offer it, so you need to be aware of it.


The details of the course and program, eligibility, course duration, scope of the course in future, job opportunities, average salary, etc need to be known by students.


The age limitation for studying abroad is not specified, however aware of the minimum and maximum eligibility the institutes have in place.


For bachelors’ you need to have fulfilled the higher education and for masters you need to accomplish the relevant bachelor degree program in the recognized university.


You need to prepare the documentation such as LOR, SOP, resume, entrance exam score card, academic mark sheets involved in the study abroad process.


The proof of identification documents such as passport, driving licence, citizenship identity and others need to be updated.


You need to show the financial record to the visa officers, so ensure that all get prepared before applying for the visa.

These are some facts that you need to be aware of and consider before taking the services of any of the abroad education consultants Bangalore.
consultancy in bangalore for abroad studies

Attend virtual fairs through best consultancy in Bangalore for abroad studies

Overseas education consultants in Bangalore for MS

The team of Kanan International overseas education consultants in Bangalore for MS will conduct a consultation with you regarding the course you’re going to take, country and the university preference. They will guide you through the initial process of finding the right course that has great scope in the future. Our overseas education consultants in Bangalore for MS will be with you as a mentor throughout the process till you achieve your dream.

Overseas education consultants in Bangalore for MBA

Are you planning to get into the top business school? Our overseas education consultants in Bangalore have partnered with 100’s of business schools and universities in many countries. Do you want to pursue any particular specialisation? The experts at our overseas education consultants in Bangalore will help you to get admission in the top universities which offer the specialisation that you wish to study.

Overseas education consultants in Bangalore for BE

Our overseas education consultants in Bangalore for BE will give you the guidance you require to fulfil your international education dream in the country you wish for. Figuring out the country, the universities that offer great learning exposure for the engineering course and offer job opportunities is difficult. To make that simpler, our overseas education consultants in Bangalore for BE will be with you to complete the entire process.

Overseas education consultants in Bangalore for Arts

Finding the one-stop overseas education consultants in Bangalore for arts is not that easy. Being in the field for 25 years, by getting the feedback of the students, we extended our services for various courses and got tie-ups with many course-specific universities. By reaching Kanan International for your study abroad needs, you’ll get the complete assistance from the experts of our overseas education consultants in Bangalore for arts. Act now!

Overseas education consultants in Bangalore for Nursing & Medical

To make the aspiring students' international nursing education dream possible, faculties of our overseas education consultants in Bangalore for nursing & medical will be available round the clock. From entrance exam coaching, English language coaching to application, admission, visa, travel, accommodation, etc will be provided by our overseas education consultants in Bangalore.

Overseas education consultants in Bangalore for MBBS

If you’re searching for the best overseas education consultants in Bangalore for MBBS, then Kanan International is your place. The admission process and requirements for MBBS will differ from university to university. And, getting into the top universities needs expert support. The faculties of our overseas education consultants in Bangalore for MBBS have 5+ years of experience in the study abroad field and have helped 2000+ students to fulfil their dream.

Roles & responsibilities of our abroad studies consultancy Bangalore

  • Country selection

  • Course suggestion

  • University/college guidance

  • Application and admission assistance

  • Visa approval

  • Loan and other financial assistance

  • Currency exchange services

  • LOR/SOP/Resume writing services

  • Travel support

  • Accommodation services

  • Sim card arrangements

  • Ticket booking

  • Scholarship offers

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FAQS about study abroad consultancy in Bangalore

1. Which consultant is best for abroad study in Bangalore?

The best consultant for abroad study in Bengaluru is Kanan International. They offer counselling for students to ensure they get all the information, they offer end-end services for international education, they offer services for different countries, leading institutes, and a variety of courses.

2. Which consultant is best for abroad study?

Since 1996, Kanan International is best for abroad study as they have introduced many services such as SPP visa service, ICCRC licence to fulfil the students’ desire. They served nearly 1lakh students to pursue their studies in their preferred destination. 

3. Which consultancy is best for the USA in Bangalore?

In the initial journey, started in 1996 Kanan International has served 100+ students who wish to do their studies in the US. Now, it has grown to 1000+ happy students and named as the best US education consultants in Bangalore.

4. Are study abroad consultants free?

Study abroad consultants offer free counselling service which helps students to figure out the country they will land, the university they’re going to study, the course they want to select, the process, the culture and so on.

5. How much does study abroad consultancy cost?

The study abroad consultancy at Bengaluru charges ranging from Rs. 10,000 which varies based on the service, country, university you prefer.

6. Which are the best Canada education consultants in bangalore?

Kanan International the pioneer in offering SPP visa services for students wishing to study in Canada. It is the only institute which has an ICCRC licence to fulfil all the students’ immigration requirements. 

7. Are there any study abroad consultants near me?

Kanan International has various branches in various cities. Our study abroad consultants in Bengaluru is located near you which can be reachable from the places such as Yelahanka, Whitefield, Anekal, Hosur, etc.

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