Study abroad consultants in Nadiad

Foreign countries attract lakhs of students every year to their universities for higher education because of the quality of education they provide. Since 1996, Kanan International has been helping such students by providing study abroad services and guiding them. Our study abroad consultants in Nadiad provide guidance for admission in countries like Canada, USA, UK, Australia, Singapore etc.

Our consultants provide a wide range of services such as visa consulting, admission counselling, currency exchange services, documentation and paperwork, scholarship assistance etc. We also provide coaching for IELTS, GRE, SAT, TOEFL etc. Our study abroad consultants in Nadiad have partnerships in more than 10 countries with 750+ universities.

study abroad consultants in nadiad

10 reasons to choose our "study in abroad consultancy in Nadiad"?

There are several study abroad consultancies in town. So we have given you a few reasons to choose our study in abroad consultancy in Nadiad.


We provide a personalised experience for our clients through our counselling sessions. We will provide solutions based on your needs and requirements.


We constantly strive to bring success to the people who aim for pursuing higher education abroad.


In over 10 countries we have partnered with 750 top universities. This gives us the confidence to provide better counselling and guidance for our students.


Our consultancy has immense experience of sending students abroad for more than 2 decades. In the last 25 years we have been able to understand the problems that study abroad aspirants face and we have the knowledge to solve it.


We have been chosen by more than 1 lakh students in India to go abroad for higher studies. We are the most preferred study abroad consultancy brand in India.


You won’t have to spend too much money in getting our services. It has been kept as affordable as possible.


We understand that preparing to study abroad takes too much time. But we make sure to reduce this time wherever possible.


We keep regular overseas education fairs. You can attend these fairs to have an idea about what courses each university is offering and the visa processes for going abroad.


We are giving all kinds of overseas education services to support your dreams. You can take visa consulting, forex services and travel support from our consultancy.


Kanan International is a certified company. We have received the licence to provide consultancy services for overseas education.

We are sure you have understood why Kanan International is the best. You can approach our study in abroad consultancy in Nadiad confidently now.

Reviews and testimonials about our abroad education consultants in Nadiad

Some of the testimonials from our students are given below. Read them to understand why our abroad education consultants in Nadiad are the best. 


Zeel Gokani

Thank you doesn't adequately express my gratitude for the experience at Kanan International. The advice and services provided here are noteworthy. Kanan institute made me stronger and took a step ahead for being an Independent Woman.


Kanchi Narang

Words fall short while expressing my experience at Kanan International Nadiad as the faculties there have been immensely supportive and with the help of their unmatchable guidance and individual attention i was able to achieve my desired band score of 7.5.


Neel Dave

I am so glad to gain 7.5 in first attempt and the full credit goes to KANAN International Nadiad Centre. Trainers took a big effort to make me more eligible for the exam. I am thankful to all the teachers who help me in gaining this score. Many candidates of ielts exam find it pretty hard to secure a handsome score in some modules, especially in writing and speaking.


Rucha Rao

Kanan International has helped me achieve success in IELTS. The faculty has been very encouraging and motivating. They have given their personal attention towards my queries and have helped me enhance my English language. Teachers are kind and are always ready to assist. Overall, I have a great experience with Kanan International.


Meet Doshi

Is it your dream to study in a foreign country? If yes, then you've come to the right place.I’ve had a firsthand experience of what Kanan International is all about whilst I was preparing for IELTS and GRE tests. Based on my experience, it would not be an overstatement to say that Kanan International will not only help you in preparing for exams like IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, GRE, GMAT, et. cetera but will also help you with all the other prerequisites, i.e., VISA application and academic as well as financial documents necessary for securing a VISA.

Our abroad education consultants in Nadiad are open to your questions. You can ask them your doubts and get it cleared.

Achieve your global education dream with the best overseas education consultants in Nadiad

Deciding what course to study is a daunting task for students. But it's easy when you have the best overseas education consultants in Nadiad with you. Enrol for your favourite courses like engineering, arts, science, MBA, nursing, MBBS etc in prominent countries across the globe. Consult our overseas education consultants in Nadiad if you are looking for UG or PG admissions abroad.

Why do you need the help of our foreign education consultants in Nadiad?

Studying abroad is a crucial part of your life which may affect the rest of your career, so it is important to have the support of our foreign education consultants in Nadiad.

  • We research and shortlist the best university and course suitable for you from a wide range of options. Only an experienced consultancy like us will have the knowledge to help you choose your university and course.
  • We give proper guidance through each step of the study abroad process. Our experts are here to help you with that.
  • Before going abroad for studies you will go through a lot of complicated procedures. We will assist you throughout all the difficulties of this process.
  • The study abroad procedures are time consuming and tiring. You won’t have to spend your time completing these procedures as we take care of it all.
  • Many students feel they cannot go abroad because it is expensive. We are providing loan assistance to such students so that they also can benefit from better education abroad.
  • We provide scholarship assistance to meritorious students. We can check your eligibility and help you apply for different scholarships.
  • You can join entrance exam coaching at our coaching centres. We conduct classes for all the exams like IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, GMAT etc.
  • We look after all the paperwork involved. We reduce the struggles of filling and submitting the documents before the deadline.
  • We supervise your visa application to remove any kind of errors. We make sure that you get your student visa without any delays.
  • We help you in budgeting and planning your stay and studies abroad. You can get an idea of your budget and expenditures for your foreign education.

Hope these points are enough to understand the importance of our foreign education consultants in Nadiad. We believe our consultants can help you to the full extent possible. Zeel Gokani

Only education consultants in Nadiad to provide entrance exam coaching

Kanan International is the only education consultant in Nadiad that is providing entrance coaching for multiple exams like IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, GMAT, SAT etc. Our education consultants in Nadiad conduct regular and weekend batches at an affordable fee. You can enrol in any of the online or offline batches conducted by our expert trainers and improve your chances of clearing your exams in the first attempt.

Fees for overseas consultants Nadiad

Take the consultation of the overseas consultants Nadiad at a reasonable fee. Avail the services of our overseas consultants Nadiad at just Rs. 10,000. The fee will be charged based on the course and university selected and also the services that you look for.

10 facts to know before taking services of abroad education consultants Nadiad


Studying abroad is generally expensive. Students have to find a source of money to fund your studies abroad.


You should have the required amount of money in your bank while applying for a visa. They will ask you for proof of bank balance before approving your student visa.


Foreign universities have flexible curriculum which allows students to choose the subjects they want to study. They have made their curriculum in a way that includes the students’ individual needs along with the career goals.


You can apply for admission abroad if you are above 18. But there are some countries that allow students to apply even before 18.


Many colleges abroad allow students who have backlogs. Some colleges put restrictions on the number of backlogs, while there are some colleges that don’t allow any backlogs.


While choosing the country you want to study, you have to check for many factors. You have to check for the course availability, job opportunities, cost of study, safety, PR opportunities, quality of education etc.


The cost of living abroad will be comparatively higher than that in our country. Make a plan to properly allocate your money for your expenses.


There are several jobs available to you while studying abroad. You can do on-campus or off-campus jobs and earn some extra money.


It requires some time and effort to prepare for entrance exams. Since this is a competitive exam, we recommend you to join a coaching session to prepare well.


Students mostly choose countries like Canada, UK, USA and Australia for higher studies. Countries like Germany, New Zealand, France and Singapore are also popular destinations for international students.

Check all the eligibility criteria before you consult our abroad education consultants Nadiad. Make sure you have all the documents updated and handy.
consultancy in nadiad for abroad studies

Attend virtual fairs through best consultancy in Nadiad for abroad studies

Overseas education consultants in Nadiad for MS

Sit back and relax while our overseas education consultants in Nadiad for MS take care of your admission procedures. We help you for admission to any MS course you want. If you want to apply for MS courses such as computer science, IT, information science etc. then our overseas education consultants in Nadiad for MS can guide you. 

Overseas education consultants in Nadiad for MBA

Our overseas education consultants in Nadiad for MBA helps you in finding the best MBA program suitable for you. Our overseas education consultants in Nadiad for MBA will help you in university selection for courses like HR, supply chain, marketing, business etc. Universities abroad offer good placements in big multinational companies.

Overseas education consultants in Nadiad for BE

Our overseas education consultants in Nadiad for BE have partnerships with several engineering institutes in multiple countries like UK, USA, Canada etc. The overseas education consultants in Nadiad for BE will help you for admission to courses like mechanical, electrical, civil, electronics etc. Avail our services to prepare well for studying abroad. 

Overseas education consultants in Nadiad for Arts 

The overseas education consultants in Nadiad for Arts from Kanan can help you apply to scholarships for studying arts abroad. You can opt for courses like music, drama, theatre, designing etc. If you want to check your eligibility for applying to scholarships then you can approach our overseas education consultants in Nadiad for Arts

Overseas education consultants in Nadiad for Nurse & Medical

Medical aspirants can take assistance from our overseas education consultants in Nadiad for Nurse & Medical to get into the best medical colleges abroad. We take care of the admissions and travel procedures. Our overseas education consultants in Nadiad for Nurse & Medical also take care of your visa and accommodation when you reach your destination.

Overseas education consultants in Nadiad for MBBS

Become an recognised and skilled medical professional by studying MBBS abroad. With the help of our overseas education consultants in Nadiad for MBBS, you can find institutes that offer affordable MBBS courses abroad. Consult our overseas education consultants in Nadiad for MBBS and pursue the course that you want.

Roles & responsibilities of our abroad studies consultancy Nadiad

  • Personalised Admission Guidance

  • Course & University selection

  • Education loans

  • Documentation assistance

  • SOP/Resume writing

  • Loan assistance

  • Scholarship assistance

  • Accommodation assistance

  • International SIM card

  • Visa consulting

  • Travel ticketing

  • Insurance

  • Forex services

  • Virtual Fairs

  • Know your score

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FAQS about study abroad consultancy in Nadiad

What is the procedure to study abroad?

Collect all the important documents and meet your study abroad advisor. You will have to write the English tests and the skill tests and clear it. We will guide you with the rest of the processes.

What are the requirements to apply to colleges abroad?

You should fill their application form, submit your SOP, resume, academic transcripts, letter of recommendation and your English test scores.

What are the costs involved to study abroad?

The main costs involved in studying abroad are tuition fees, transportation, accommodation, insurance, food, study material and phone bills.

How can I study abroad with a scholarship?

There are many scholarships that you may not know but can apply to these scholarships. If you meet their eligibility requirements, you can either get a tuition fee waiver or money that you can use for your expenses. 

Where is your office located in Nadiad? How can I reach you easily?

Our office is near the Opal One Mall. You can easily reach us from places such as Fatepur, Uttarsanda, Gutal, Salun etc. 

What is the tuition fee for studying MBA abroad?

It can cost you 10-20 lakhs a year for studying MBA abroad. The fee will depend on the specialisation and location of your study.

What are the jobs that I can do to earn money while studying?

You can join as an intern in your college and gain experience along with getting paid. You also can be a teaching assistant or a research assistant at the university.

What are the exams that I should clear before applying to universities?

Some of the most popular exams taken by study abroad aspirants are IELTS, TOEFL, GMAT, GRE, SAT etc. IELTS and TOEFL are English proficiency tests. The other exams are skill based tests which you will be taking depending on the course you want to study. 

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