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Kanan International has been leading in the study abroad sector since 1996 helping students across India to go abroad for their studies. We are a one-stop solution for study abroad aspirants who want to study in countries like UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Germany, New Zealand, Singapore. Our Study abroad consultants in Valsad have sent over 1 lakh students to foreign countries for their studies.

Kanan has developed more than 750 partnerships with leading institutions in more than 10 countries. Our Study abroad consultants in Valsad provide end-to-end consultancy services and entrance exam coaching for exams like IELTS, GRE, TOEFL, SAT etc. Apart from that we provide services like application and shortlisting, visa consulting, forex services, documentation, loans, scholarships, admission assistance etc.

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10 reasons to choose our "study in abroad consultancy in Valsad"?

Here we list 10 reasons why Kanan International is the best choice for study in abroad consultancy in Valsad.


At Kanan we provide consulting services for many countries like UK, USA, Canada, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore etc.


We have provided our services for more than 26 years. We were able to provide the best quality services and solutions for students to study abroad.


We were able to send more than 1 lakh students to various countries for their further studies.


We can guarantee you visa approval without facing many difficulties.


We have more than 650 foreign university partnerships across different countries. So you have a good range of options to choose from.


We are a licensed and accredited consulting firm and are trusted by students in Valsad.


We have experienced faculty and consultants who have experience in this field for several years.


We offer flexible timings for coaching classes. You are allowed to pick the classes according to your convenience.


We help you write your SOP(statement of purpose) which is crucial for getting admissions. We can also help you write your resume.


For students who require financial support to study abroad, we can help them get a student loan without having to visit any banks.

Hope these points are enough to tell you why we are the best study in abroad consultancy in Valsad.

Reviews and testimonials about our abroad education consultants in Valsad

Our alumni reviews prove why we are the best abroad education consultants in Valsad. Go through their testimonials below.

In case you have more questions, you can feel free to contact our abroad education consultants in Valsad

Achieve your global education dream with the best overseas education consultants in Valsad

With the help of our overseas education consultants in Valsad, it is possible to get admission to universities abroad. Kanan International provides all-around consulting services that cover all the requirements of the aspirants. We support students in all kinds of courses like engineering, medicine, nursing, management, arts, science, etc. The overseas education consultants in Valsad support all students aspiring to do UG, and PG courses in multiple foreign countries.

Why do you need the help of our foreign education consultants in Valsad?

Studying abroad is a very important part of your life and it is safe to consult our foreign education consultants in Valsad before planning your studies abroad.

  • You can get the right career guidance from us. We will help you to find the right course that you need to pursue to enter your dream career.
  • The most confusing part of studying abroad is choosing from a large number of options. You need a study abroad consultant to evaluate you and help you find the right option that fits you.
  • Moving to the right country plays a very important role in your career. So we can help you to find the right destination for your studies.
  • Each university has different requirements for providing admissions. Since we are partnered with so many institutes we can tell you if you are a right fit for the university.
  • Every country has different rules for international students. We make sure you follow all the procedures to successfully reach the destination.
  • We help you save a lot of time required to research studying abroad.
  • It is impossible to plan everything all by yourself. It will be easier for you if you have a consultant to plan your journey abroad.
  • You will be entering a new place with different cultures, climates, and people. We will help you prepare for your studies in the new place.
  • Visa rejections are common among students because of mistakes in their applications. We will help you to carefully proceed with the visa applications.
  • You have the choice of flexibility with us. You can choose the services that you require.

These are some of the important reasons why you should contact Kanan’s foreign education consultants in Valsad. We take care of all your study abroad needs at one place.

Only education consultants in Valsad to provide entrance exam coaching

Apart from the education consultants in Valsad, we also have expert trainers who provide coaching for entrance exams like IELTS, GRE, TOEFL, SAT etc. Our trainers take offline and online classes during weekdays and weekends. Our education consultants in Valsad have kept the coaching fee at very affordable rates. We guarantee you the best results in the exams in your first attempt.

Fees for overseas consultants in Valsad

Our overseas consultants in Valsad charge you based on the country, course, and services you choose. Our basic consulting fee starts at just Rs. 10,000. If you want more details about our consultation fee, you can feel free to contact our overseas consultants in Valsad.

10 facts to know before taking services of abroad education consultants Valsad


Take a look at the services your consultant provides. If they don’t provide all the services, you will have to depend on multiple consultants. So choose an abroad education consultant in Valsad that provides complete study abroad services.


There are a lot of opportunities available to you abroad. Research properly to avoid mistakes while choosing the country and course.


If you are interested in studying in a particular country, you should check if the consultancy provides services for that country.


Prepare yourselves with all the necessary documents. If you don’t know what the necessary documents are, you must ask your consultant.


To go to English-speaking countries, you have to qualify for standardized tests like IELTS, TOEFL, etc.


Check for the age requirements to see if you fulfill the eligibility criteria.


You should check if you have the needed educational qualifications to study abroad.


Check with your university if they allow students with backlogs if you have kept any backlogs in your previous studies.


Know about the costs involved in studying and living abroad. Find a way to support your education abroad like loans, scholarships, etc. Our abroad education consultant in Valsad will support you in this process.


Be aware of the different intakes available in foreign universities and decide which is apt for you.

If you want more information on studying abroad, you can feel free to contact our abroad education consultants Valsad.
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Attend virtual fairs through best consultancy in Valsad for abroad studies

Overseas education consultants in Valsad for MS

Get admission into the MS course with guidance from our Overseas education consultants in Valsad for MS. We have consultants who have several years of industry experience in the overseas education field. Our Overseas education consultants in Valsad for MS will help you in selecting the best MS course that matches your aptitude.


Overseas education consultants in Valsad for MBA

Overseas education consultants in Valsad for MBA have partnered with hundreds of business schools abroad in countries like the UK, USA, and Canada to ease the process of studying abroad for our students. Get a hassle-free experience of studying abroad with the Overseas education consultants in Valsad for MBA courses like marketing, supply chain, finance, etc.

Overseas education consultants in Valsad for BE

Students can take the assistance of our Overseas education consultants in Valsad for BE for understanding the engineering courses offered by foreign countries. Choose from a variety of engineering courses like mechanical, civil, electrical, electronics, etc., and boost your career with degrees from reputed technical institutes. Call our Overseas education consultants in Valsad for BE now and book your appointment.


Overseas education consultants in Valsad for Arts

Many students who wanted to study arts courses abroad have achieved their dreams with the help of our Overseas education consultants in Valsad for Arts. We helped them to shortlist and apply for art courses and guided them with the right information. If you too are looking for the assistance of Overseas education consultants in Valsad for Arts courses, please feel free to contact Kanan International.


Overseas education consultants in Valsad for Nurse & Medical

Students prefer to study nursing and other medical courses and work abroad because of the wide opportunities they get and better pay and living conditions. At Kanan, we have Overseas education consultants in Valsad for Nurse & Medical for helping students to apply to various nursing and medical courses. The Overseas education consultants in Valsad for Nurse & Medical will prepare you for your journey abroad.


Overseas education consultants in Valsad for MBBS

Are you looking to study MBBS from a recognized medical university abroad? Then approach our Overseas education consultants in Valsad for MBBS for getting in-depth guidance and consultation. You can get career counseling, country/course suggestions, and travel and accommodation support from our Overseas education consultants in Valsad for MBBS.

Roles & responsibilities of our abroad studies consultancy Valsad

  • Loan assistance

  • Scholarships assistance

  • International SIM card

  • Student visa

  • Abroad accommodation assistance

  • SOP/resume writing

  • Ticketing and departure assistance

  • Travel insurance

  • Forex services

  • Admission guidance

  • Virtual fairs

  • Know your score

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FAQS about study abroad consultancy in Valsad

How can overseas education consultants in Valsad help you?

We make sure you meet the eligibility criteria to study abroad and help you in attaining your student visa. We help you get a smooth transit from India to the country that you wish to study.

What questions should I ask an overseas education consultant in Valsad?

You should ask your consultant if you are eligible to study abroad. You should ask about the country and course you want to study. Ask them how you can fund your studies and the PR and job opportunities in that country.

What services do overseas education centres in valsad offer?

We offer exam coaching, education counselling, visa consulting, loan assistance, scholarships assistance, travel and accommodation assistance etc.

In which countries can overseas consultants help me study abroad in valsad?

Kanan International offers assistance for students who want to study in Canada, USA, UK, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, France, Singapore etc.

Can I work while studying overseas?

Yes, that's possible. In most countries you are allowed to work part-time during the working days. For each country the rules and regulations might differ. Check with your consultant to know more in detail.

When is the right time for applying to foreign universities?

You start applying to foreign universities at least 10 to 12 months before the commencement of the classes. The dates differ for each university. Check the university websites or get help from your education consultant in Valsad.

What are financial aid packages?

Financial aid pancake is the total amount of financial assistance a student receives from their college or university. This is given in order to help the student meet their educational expenses.

What is the purpose of an LOR (letter of recommendation) for getting admission to a foreign university?

An LOR can be obtained from a professor from the university you studied in order to apply for further studies abroad. This letter helps the admissions officers to evaluate you for the purpose of admissions, scholarships etc. You will need 2 to 3 LORs for applying to foreign universities. 

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