US education consultants in Bardoli

Are you looking for the best US education consultant in Bardoli? Kanan International being an expert overseas education consultant, has helped students to apply for admissions in US universities. We were established in 1996 and stayed in this field till date and provided the best consulting services.

To give our students more priority in the screening process, we made partnerships with several universities in US. We give all essential services like SOP writing, visa assistance etc. which are part of the study abroad procedures. The US education consultants in Bardoli also provide IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, GMAT, SAT coaching at our institute.

us education consultants in bardoli

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10 reasons to choose our education consultants in Bardoli for US

Here we list out some points you may not know about choosing a good education consultant in Bardoli for US. Read these points to know why you need Kanan International as your education consultant.

  • We have completed 25 years in overseas education consulting and have expert consultants to guide people.
  • 2
  • With our guidance, more than 1 lakh students were able to achieve their dream of studying in US. We have achieved a big milestone by supporting so many students.
  • 3
  • We provide services that other consultants don't provide. We assist you in your travel, take insurance, forex services etc.
  • 4
  • You can study for your exams using our study portal. It is India’s only prep portal powered by AI.
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  • Overseas education fairs are held regularly for the people to learn more about education opportunities abroad.
  • 6
  • Students have approached us for studying in QS ranked universities in US. Our consultants were able to send students to the best ranked colleges for different courses.
  • 7
  • Our consultants are prompt in providing their services on time. So you dont have to worry about the deadlines.
  • 8
  • We have made our services very affordable to all. You can avail more services from us without any worries.
  • 9
  • We assist you in your financial needs because studying abroad can be expensive. We can assist you in getting education loans from genuine sources.
  • 10
  • There are so many scholarships available for students studying abroad. We make sure to check if you are eligible for any scholarships and will help you apply for it.

Hope these points are sufficient for you to choose our education consultants in Bardoli for US. Now you can take our services confidently.

Reviews and testimonials about our US study consultancy in Bardoli

We have got many positive reviews about our US study consultancy in Bardoli. You can see why they believe that we are the best.

testimonial 1

Patel Maahi

University of Regina

Hi, I'm Patel Maahi. I took IELTS coaching to study in Canada. Thanks to Kanan International, now I have joined B.Sc Biology at University of Regina.

testimonial 1

Muskan Patel

Conestoga College

Myself Muskan Patel, studying Strategic Global Business Management in Conestoga College, Canada. I thank the trainers at Kanan who trained me to clear the IELTS exam.

testimonial 1

Rutvi Parmar

Sheridan College

Hello I am Rutvi Parmar. My trainers at Kanan International did a good job in teaching me to tackle the IELTS easily. Now I have got admission in Sheridan College for Chemical Laboratory Technician course.

Our alumni who took our services believe that our US study consultancy in Bardoli is the best. You too can join the group of successful students who study in the US with our guidance.

Achieve your global education dream with the best US education consultants in Bardoli

Studying abroad has never been an easy process for common people. US education consultants in Bardoli are providing services in order to simplify this process. We offer complete services for studying in US for any courses be it engineering, medical, arts, nursing or management. If you are an aspirant wishing to study any such course abroad, our US education consultants in Bardoli can certainly help you achieve it.

Why do you need the help of our US overseas education consultants in Bardoli?

As you know it is really complex to understand all the formalities required to study abroad because you are going to study in a different country. Take a look at how our US overseas education consultants in Bardoli can make things easier for you.
  • Only with our expert guidance, you can tackle the difficulties that you will face while preparing to study abroad. We take you one by one through all the processes and make it simple for you.
  • Some procedures like applying to colleges and for visas can be tough. This is because people can get rejected even if they make small mistakes in their application.
  • Consultants like us save a lot of your time spent in completing the procedures. We have multiple staff working to help you complete the procedures before your deadlines.
  • US is home to a lot of prestigious universities. But to choose the apt one for you can be challenging because of factors like fee, location etc.
  • Most students get confused when they see the course names in universities abroad. Only an expert like us can guide you towards the right course that you intend to pursue.
  • Majority of the students who go to the US are in need of an education loan to support their studies. We help you in getting financial aid from proper sources.
  • There is plenty of paperwork involved while going abroad. It should be done carefully but should be completed within the deadlines.
  • Clearing the entrance exams is a hurdle for any student while preparing for studies abroad. You can get your consultation and coaching from Kanan International.
  • So many scholarships are made available to you based on the merit and needs. We have in-depth understanding about these scholarships and will help you make use of them.
  • It can be difficult to find accommodation in a new country. So we have introduced accommodation services to help you get a place to live during your studies.

Hope you understood the difficulties involved in going abroad for studies. So take the services of our US overseas education consultants in Bardoli to make it easier.

Only study in US consultants in Bardoli to provide entrance exam coaching

Clearing the entrance exam is the first crucial step in applying for universities in the US. Only with a good score you can get into good colleges in the US. By having online and offline batches, we are the only study in US consultants in Bardoli offering flexible classes for students preparing for exams. Coaching for English tests like IELTS, TOEFL and skill based tests like GRE, GMAT, SAT is provided by our study in US consultants in Bardoli.

Fees for overseas education consultants in Bardoli for US

In order to make our services accessible to all, we keep it affordable. Overseas education consultants in Bardoli for US provide services starting from Rs. 10,000 and vary based on your selection of college and course. Understand your requirements and reach out to our overseas education consultants in Bardoli for US for taking the consulting services.

10 facts to know before taking services of US study consultancy in Bardoli

US is a country with 4500+ institutions offering different UG, PG and doctorate degrees. They have the widest range of academic courses in the world.
US allows students to work on-campus and are also paid according to the work done.
While applying for an admission in US, it is mandatory to show proof of your English proficiency. You can either show your IELTS or TOEFL score.
During working days you can work part time for 20 hours and during vacations you can work 40 hours.
US universities accept upto 5 backlogs in your bachelors degree while you apply for a masters course. But prestigious universities give more preference to students without backlogs.
After graduation you can take 1 year of OPT (Optional Practical Training). It enables you to work after your studies to get hands-on experience.
You should submit a proof of bank statement which shows that you have enough money to study in US. You should be able to manage your tuition fee and other expenses.
Students usually take 1 or 2 months to prepare for entrance exams. So plan your studies abroad accordingly.
Tuition fee in US is mostly above $20,000. For different courses fees will vary depending on the university.
If you are above 18 years of age, you can apply to the bachelors courses in US. You have to submit your high school scores for admission to bachelors courses.

These are only a few points that you need to know before consulting the US study consultancy in Bardoli. These facts will be helpful in applying for studies abroad.

us study visa consultants in bardoli

Attend virtual fairs for US admissions through one of the best US study visa consultants in Bardoli

US education consultants in Bardoli for MS

US is the number one destination for MS in medical science, computer science and IT. If you would like to take any MS course in US, you can apply through our US education consultants in Bardoli for MS. We offer you personalised guidance to help you get admission in US. Our US education consultants in Bardoli for MS have partnered with several universities in US to process your admission applications faster. 

US education consultants in Bardoli for MBA

MBA is one of the popular courses available in US which has a lot of specialisations like MBA marketing, finance, HR, supply chain etc. For any MBA course that you want to study, US education consultants in Bardoli for MBA can give you the guidance. Start your application procedures right now, with the help of our US education consultants in Bardoli for MBA.

US education consultants in Bardoli for BE

Being a country with so many advanced technologies, US is having a vast number of BE courses like computer science, IT, civil, electrical etc. Any BE aspirant can use the services of the US education consultants in Bardoli for BE, to get complete guidance on courses and universities. Reach out to our US education consultants in Bardoli for BE to achieve your overseas education dreams.

US education consultants in Bardoli for Arts

US has so many Arts colleges that attract students from all over the world. US education consultants in Bardoli for Arts can help you with the correct information about these colleges and will guide you to take the right course. We have dedicated US education consultants in Bardoli for Arts courses.

US education consultants in Bardoli for Nurse & Medical

US education consultants in Bardoli for Nurse & Medical have gained experience in sending students to all medical courses like epidemiology, pharmacy, nursing etc. The US education consultants in Bardoli for Nurse & Medical have partnership with many medical colleges in US to ensure a good success rate for admissions.

US education consultants in Bardoli for MBBS

US education consultants in Bardoli for MBBS have promoted so many students to study MBBS in US because of its better healthcare technology and better jobs in this field. MBBS degree from US is widely accepted across the world. Take guidance from our US education consultants in Bardoli for MBBS and secure your seats in any of the top MBBS colleges in the US.

Roles & responsibilities of our US student visa consultants in Bardoli

  • Financial assistance
  • Scholarship assistance
  • Resume/SOP writing
  • Accommodation for students in US
  • US SIM card
  • Visa application assistance
  • Ticket/Travel assistance
  • Forex services
  • Know your score
  • Personal admission guidance
  • Travel insurance
  • Documentation procedures
  • Guidance for QS universities in US

10 reasons to study in US

  1. There are on-campus jobs in US universities like teaching assistant and research assistant that pays based on hours worked. This is helpful for students who want to get more subject knowledge.
  2. After graduation, the US gives you an opportunity to get work experience. You can stay and work there for a year and get international work experience.
  3. If you have strong academic performance and if you are good in extra-curricular activities they will award you scholarships. If you are eligible for scholarships you will get big waivers on your tuition fee.
  4. There is high competition among international students to study in US. If you manage to get into US universities, then you will be studying with the brightest students from all over the world.
  5. Public universities are funded by the government and provide all degrees at lower fees. They also stand ahead in the quality of education.
  6. The US universities have excellent support systems for International students. They will give you orientation and will help you adjust with the American culture.
  7. Getting a degree from US expands your job opportunities. You become more desirable to top companies when you have US education and experience.
  8. There is good cultural diversity in US campuses. You will be able to make connections with people from all over the world.
  9. US is a country that invests the most in research and development. During your studies you will be involved in the latest research activities that give you better learning opportunities.
  10. There are so many startups that are founded by students from US colleges. You can also be a part of such startup culture.

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