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Since 1996, Kanan international has been striving to fulfil 1000’s of students' wishes of studying in the USA through their advanced consultancy services. We have ranked the best US education consultants in Chennai due to our excellent service quality and assured admission guidance.

Our US education consultants in Chennai are well known for its strategic tie-ups with more than 50+ universities and its exclusive guidance program. Apart from admission guidance, we also offer comprehensive competitive exam training to all the exams like IELTS, GRE, GMAT, SAT, etc. Join us now to get professional guidance at your ease. 

us education consultants in chennai

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10 reasons to choose our education consultants in Chennai for US

Being the top rated education consultants in Chennai for the US, we have our top 10 reasons to support our service quality. Those points are mentioned below for your reference.

  • With 25 years of experience we are committed to offer the best consultancy services to the abroad education aspirants. Our end-to-end service has helped more than 1 lakhs of students to get placed in the top US universities.
  • 2
  • Our consultants are trained and certified to guide the students in choosing their university. They are also experienced in counselling the parents as well.
  • 3
  • We have dedicated teams to handle all the processes involved during the admissions like, profile building, application filling, visa processing, ticketing, currency exchange, etc.
  • 4
  • Our US education consultancy is offering advanced guidance service to the students by having AI based score predictions and other web portals to help the candidates in pre and post departure process.
  • 5
  • We are reputed US education consultants in Chennai, who are recognized and certified by the international immigration organizations.
  • 6
  • We have bi-lingual or multi-lingual counsellors, who will be able to communicate with you in a comfortable way. You can talk to them and get all your queries cleared.
  • 7
  • Being consultants, we also provide support for the international entrance exams that are required to get admission. Our training program includes coaching for exams like TOEFL, IELTS, GRE, SAT, etc.
  • 8
  • We have been associated with more than 150+ universities across the US and thus will be able to guide the students in getting admissions in any course of their choice. Our experts have handled admissions for any specialization including BE, MBBS, BA, Arts, etc.
  • 9
  • By associating with us you may be able to keep yourself informed about the latest dates regarding the admission, scholarship availability, etc. We assure to give 100% admission guidance to all the students engaged with us.
  • 10
  • All our services are offered at a very reasonable rate which makes it affordable for the students aspiring for higher education. You can choose the service of your wish and get enrolled in the best university of your choice.

Hope these reasons will be giving you an insight on how we are being the leading education consultants in Chennai for the US. You can engage with us to make your dream a reality.  

Reviews and testimonials about our US study consultancy in Chennai

Kanan has helped several students to realise their international education dream. Hear from our achievers what they have to say about us, being the best US study consultancy in Chennai. 

testimonial 1

Shalini Suresh

Loyalist College, Canada.

I'm Shalini Suresh - I enrolled at Kanan and prepared for IELTS and was able to get a 7 band score. I am now studying Quality Engineering Management in Loyalist College, Canada. Thanks to Kanan International for the excellent support and coaching.

testimonial 1

Sunil Kumar Venkatesan

Fanshawe College, Canada

Sunil Kumar Venkatesan - I got a score of 6.5 Band in IELTS. Now I have joined Business and Information System Architecture course at Fanshawe College in Canada. Thank you Kanan for your constant support and guidance.

testimonial 1

Anshul Kumar

Engineering in Seneca College, Canada

I’m Anshul Kumar. I got admission for Computer Engineering in Seneca College, Canada. I scored 7 Band in IELTS after taking coaching from Kanan. I recommend Kanan to all my friends.

Our experts at US study consultancy in Chennai are ready to answer your queries. Contact them now to enroll for the best education consultancy services. 

Achieve your global education dream with the best US education consultants in Chennai

The US has a flexible education system that allows US universities to have their own set of guidelines for their admission process. Kanan International is the leading US education consultants in Chennai which is experienced in handling students of various educational streams and getting them placed in the top QS listed universities. Our professionals are experts in all the admission process as well as the other related processes and thus we have been ranked as the best US education consultants in Chennai.

Why do you need the help of our US overseas education consultants in Chennai?

Are you in dilema, whether to reach out for US overseas education consultants in Chennai? Then we are here to help you by enlisting the reasons why you will be in need of an US overseas education consultant.
  • The procedures involved in the admission process are very different compared to our country's process. Thus you may need assistance from a process familiar person to complete the entire admission process.
  • US universities are offering more specializations and the eligibility criteria for each course may vary. Thus you may require guidance to select the course based on your profile.
  • Different universities have varied fees structures. Having prior knowledge about the tuition fee is important as you need to afford it. Thus a specialist will be able to provide you with the entire amount involved in your education course.
  • Visa process being the most important step, having an expert with you during the application filling, interview and documentation time will be great as they will be checking off the process in the right path.
  • Application dates and the scholarship dates will be announced during a varied time period. Thus consultants team members will keep you informed about the important dates.
  • From booking a flight ticket to boarding the flight you may need to undergo various stages of checkings, document submissions, luggage checks etc. In that case our consultants will be providing you complete travel assistance to assist you for a comfortable journey.
  • Having a discussion with people who have already been to your study destination will be good as you may get a basic idea about the country’s cultural practice and people. We have a number of experts who have been to the US and will be willing to share their experience.
  • Entrance exams are important when you need to acquire your admissions. Our education consultants offer exclusive training for the aspirants to clear their proficiency tests like IELTS, TOEFL, etc. and skill tests like GRE, SAT, etc.
  • Each course has its own job scope and the research facilities to carry on in near future. So you need to collect enough information before choosing your course and for this you may need an experienced person.
  • Accommodation process might be tiring when you are in a new country. Thus our post departure services will be offering you complete guidance until you settle in the study destination.

These points would have shown you why US overseas education consultants in Chennai are playing a vital role in the education paths of the international education aspirants. Now you can also be a part of our Kanan International education consultancy and kickstart your career. 

Only study in US consultants in Chennai to provide entrance exam coaching

International overseas education is now booming with a number of students dreaming to pursue their education in the top US universities. Thus our study in US consultants in chennai is one step ahead in guiding the students to achieve their career by providing them entrance exam coaching for exams like IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, GMAT, etc. We are one of the very few study in US consultants in Chennai to provide expert coaching for students to score required band scores in their first attempt.

Fees for overseas education consultants in Chennai for US

Kanan International Overseas education consultants in Chennai for US charges are starting from INR 10,000. You are given a broad range of service options by our overseas education consultants in Chennai for the US based on the university and course choice of the students.

10 facts to know before taking services of US study consultancy in Chennai

US universities have their own set of eligibility criterias, that has to be met for getting admission. So before venturing into a university a complete verification needs to be done.
As the education trip is going to be costlier, you must be funded enough to meet the education cost and the living expenses. While processing you may be asked to produce a fund proof statement for verification.
The application process involves a lot of document submissions as you are going to travel to a new country. Thus start updating your documents and check their validity period before submitting the applications.
You must be aware of the qualification required to pursue the degree of your choice. Since US universities offer a lot of specialization courses, try to choose the course that fits your qualifications.
With many courses in choice, try to choose the best course that has a good scope in the future. With changing trends, a few courses may lose importance in the future. So try to gain knowledge about the job scope prior to choosing the specialization.
Keep yourself informed about the entrance tests requirements and what will be the time duration required to prepare for the tests. It is better to choose a consultancy which is also providing entrance exam training to their students.
As the US has more than one academic intake season, decide on which month you are going to go for the admission. If decided, look for the important dates like last date for application, entrance exam dates, etc.
Try to learn the communication language of the country as you are going to spend your next few years in that country. With good communication you can easily mingle with the native people and make your living a happy one.
Learn about the climatic conditions of the destined country, and check whether you will be able to survive the conditions.
With the number of US education consultants available in the city, you need to check for the reliability of the consultancy before taking up their consultancy services.

If you are fulfilling all these criterias, then you can immediately join our US study consultancy in Chennai, and get assured guidance for your international education journey. 

us study visa consultants in chennai

Attend virtual fairs for US admissions through one of the best US study visa consultants in Chennai

US education consultants in Chennai for MS

With a number of prestigious colleges offering the best courses, US universities are always on the top of the board for the MS education. Our US education consultants in Chennai for MS will guide you to crack through the admission process in time and get placed in the top university. Our US education consultants in Chennai for MS offer guidance to all specialisations like CS, Mechanical, electrical, civil, etc. 

US education consultants in Chennai for MBA

Our US education consultants in Chennai for MBA  are offering an outstanding service to the students who are planning to visit the US for their administration studies. You can also be the one who is pursuing their education in the top B-School in the US by associating with our US education consultants in Chennai for MBA. We are acting as a one stop support solution for all your admission related queries. 

US education consultants in Chennai for BE

With a lot of research opportunities and technology advancement,  a US engineering degree is gaining the attention of more students. Understanding this competitive level, we have a dedicated team of experts in our US education consultants in Chennai for BE .these members will be guiding you in acquiring admissions as well as guide you in other process like ticketing, visa processing, application filling, etc. and thus we are being known as the best US education consultants in Chennai for BE. 

US education consultants in Chennai for Arts

Kanan is one of the very few US education consultants in Chennai for Arts education which is offering overall support service for the students to pursue their education in US universities. Having tie-ups with more than 150+ universities in the US, we are kept updated about the latest education policies and help our students in getting placed at the earliest. Our US education consultants in Chennai for arts is a licensed organization which is present across the country.

US education consultants in Chennai for Nurse & Medical

With the intervention of the pandemic the nursing and the medical courses are attracting students attention and thus we have our US education consultants in Chennai for nursing and medical courses to help them in selecting the top colleges. College selection and the course selection are needed to be done carefully as this is going to decide your future career path. You can register at our US education consultants in Chennai for Nurse and medical courses to get admission in the top universities.

US education consultants in Chennai for MBBS

MBBS being the most opted course by the Indian students, our team at US education consultants in Chennai for MBBS is bestowing it's perfect admission guidance service to the aspirants. By engaging with us, you need not worry about your entrance exam preparation as we are offering the best training program for all the candidates enrolled with us. Our US education consultants in Chennai for MBBS ensure that the students are able to start their education journey hassle free. 

Roles & responsibilities of our US student visa consultants in Chennai

  • Career guidance
  • University selection support
  • Financial assistance
  • Pre departure support
  • Profile building
  • Forex processing
  • SIM Card assistance
  • Visa clearance aid
  • Travel assistance
  • Travel Insurance arrangement
  • Test preparation
  • Score prediction via our AI powered portal
  • Personal Guidance
  • Virtual guidance fairs

10 reasons to study in USA

  1. The US is the home for more than 3000 universities and most of them are listed as the top universities in the world and are recognized across the globe.
  2. The education system in US universities are designed in such a way that the students will be able to get the perfect education that will be a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical experience.
  3. US universities offer a number of specializations for every subject so that students will be able to gain an in-depth knowledge on what they learn.
  4. There are a lot of research facilities available for the students to exhibit their innovative ideas. You will be getting hands- on experience in using the latest technological equipment.
  5. Since the US is the hub of the latest technological inventions, you will be having the chances to use these technologies on the first line before others.
  6. The US education system is very flexible and the students are given with opportunities to opt for any degree based on their interest. They also have the chance of shifting their college in between their education tenure.
  7. Having a US university name in your resume is going to gain you extra attention by the recruiters. Thus you may have plenty of job opportunities once you have graduated from an US university.
  8. Life in the US is really exciting because of its vibrant culture, friendly people and the high technology usages. Thus you will be able to live in a new environment once you reach your study destination.
  9. The US education system encourages the students not only in academic development but also in personality developments. They have a lot of club and sport activities which are helping the students to develop their extra-curricular activities.
  10. A lot of financial aid is available for the international students enrolling in their universities. You can go for merit based scholarships and fully funded scholarships if you are meeting the required eligibility criteria.

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