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Getting admissions into the US universities is a difficult process and thus it’s required to take the help of the leading consultancy for overseas education. Being in the industry for 25 years, Kanan International makes the students’ dream a reality in several countries. If you’re looking to do your studies in the US, then don’t worry we will help you. As we are the leading US education consultants in Karnal, we will provide full support.

Kanan International US education consultant in Karnal will provide services such as institute and course selection, admission & application assistance, loan & documentation assistance, travel & visa assistance and a lot more. We also offer coaching for study abroad exams like IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, GRE, GMAT, etc. The partnerships we have with the 150+ leading universities make us to fulfil the students’ international education needs.

us education consultants in karnal

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10 reasons to choose our education consultants in Karnal for US

Kanan International education consultants in Karnal for US will help the students at every step of their study abroad journey which will allow them to do their studies in the preferred destination. Look at the reasons why you need to choose Kanan International:

  • Kanan International started the journey in 1996, having 25 years of experience, successfully made more than 1 lakh students do their studies in various countries.
  • 2
  • From application to accommodation, you will get guidance from the 7+ years of experienced study abroad consultants.
  • 3
  • Other than offering consultancy services, we have experienced faculty to provide training for the study abroad exams like IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, GRE, GMAT, etc.
  • 4
  • The initial stage of figuring out the right country, course and university for students is made easier with our expert career counsellors.
  • 5
  • Application and admission assistance is given by our professionals for students to get the guaranteed admission in universities they apply for.
  • 6
  • Kanan Scholarships are beneficial for students who have performed great in the entrance exams and in academics but are struggling to manage their study cost.
  • 7
  • By taking the loan assistance from Kanan International, you will get hassle free loan approvals without any credit score requirement.
  • 8
  • There are different types of visas available and countries have their own requirements. As an expert, we are able to guide you to complete each process.
  • 9
  • Not only for admissions, we provide support for pre-departure, travel, insurance, forex, and international sim cards.
  • 10
  • Post landing support like giving alumni contact information or counsellor guidance and accommodation support will be provided at our consultancy.

Today, with a lot of options available, finding the right education consultants in Karnal for US is difficult. The above-mentioned points are the reasons that define us and make thousands of students prefer us.

Reviews and testimonials about our US study consultancy in Karnal

Our US study consultancy in Karnal offers the entire support that students’ need. Hear out what our alumni say about us and about our impeccable service:

testimonial 1

malkeet kaur

Fanshawe College, Canada

Kanan International - Karnal has helped me throughout my visa process to Canada. Very kind and supportive teaching staff, thanks to Kanan International-Kamal for guiding me in the whole process.

testimonial 1

Harman Singh

Lambton College

A firm punctual about work ethics. Utmost professionalism in regards to student's future. Well oriented student visa service. I liked the environment & would recommend Kanan International Karnal.

testimonial 1

raghvi sharma

SAIT, Canada

Very nice experience working with Kanan International, Karnal. All staff is very helpful and cooperative. Provide all important information. Team was always available for help. Go and experience them, if you want to go to Canada or any other country Abroad.

Do reach our counsellors to know about the services offered at Kanan International US study consultancy in Karnal. Get our assistance and get your dream!

Achieve your global education dream with the best US education consultants in Karnal

Aspiring to pursue your studies in the US? Reduce your efforts by taking the help of the best US education consultants in Karnal. Kanan International will provide support irrespective of degree and courses, as we have tie-ups with top-ranking institutes in the US. Students who want to do undergraduate, graduate or any other programs in the US will reach our counsellors to get guidance. Kanan International is meant as the best US education consultants in Karnal for courses like Engineering, MS, MBA, MBBS, Arts, Nursing and a lot more. Join us!

Why do you need the help of our US overseas education consultants in Karnal?

In the path of choosing the right course and applying for the right university, there will be a place for doubts, when students done by themselves. That’s why it’s important to get the help of our US overseas education consultants in Karnal. Check out how we provide assistance:
  • The first step to pursuing your international education is finding your destination, a course that matches your skillset, an institute that gives a great learning experience. With years of experience, we can help you to find the right path.
  • The next essential step in the study abroad journey is knowing the right entrance exam, registration process, and preparation to score high. This will be made easier with our 7+ years experienced trainers who are specialised in giving coaching for study abroad exams.
  • Each university has its own requirements when it comes to English proficiency test and entrance exam score. Our trainers will guide you by making you set the goals and prepare you accordingly to achieve that.
  • To get into the university you need to submit the right documents, show your profile strength. Making a slight error will end up in losing the chance. By taking the support of us you will get assured admissions.
  • Even though there are plenty of scholarships available in the US institutes, knowing and meeting the requirements is difficult. For students looking for scholarships, Kanan International offers that opportunity for eligible candidates.
  • With Kanan International experts’ assistance, you will get education loan approvals without any effort.
  • Visa approval is the crucial step in your study abroad journey. As we are expert visa consultants we will help you to complete the process.
  • After all these, making the preparation for travel and planning for the accommodation in a new destination needs some experienced hand like Kanan International.
  • Our international educational consultants also provide post support for students who need the assistance.
  • By taking the assistance of Kanan International consultancy, you don’t have to care about any of the processes and can save a lot of your time.

To know the hidden details, requirements, and information involved in your international education journey, you need the help of our US overseas education consultants in Karnal.

Only study in US consultants in Karnal to provide entrance exam coaching

Preparing for the entrance exam is one of the initial stages that students need to concentrate more on, as the scores of the test play a vital role in university admissions. By knowing that, as an expert study in US consultants in Karnal, we provide training for courses like IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, GRE, GMAT, etc. We offer coaching on both offline and online batches. As a leading study in US consultants in Karnal, we made students achieve high scores in the first attempt and get placed in the top universities.

Fees for overseas education consultants in Karnal for US

Kanan International offers complete services for overseas education consultants in Karnal for the US at a much affordable price range. Depending on the university, course, services you prefer, the charges may differ. The fees for overseas education consultants in Karnal for US at Kanan International starts from INR 10,000.

10 facts to know before taking services of US study consultancy in Karnal

To study in the US, you have to at least fulfil the age of 18 years. There is no maximum age limit taken place, however checking with the university about the requirements is needed.
Ensure if you have the basic academic qualification according to the program you choose to study in the US. High school for Bachelor’s, Bachelor’s for Masters and so on.
The destination you want to study plays a key role in your education. Choose the right one before taking the service of consultancy, as it narrow downs the right choice.
The country you choose has certain requirements for international students, hence it’s essential to know whether you have met those or not.
Shifting from one institution to another in the middle of your education is not allowed in the US. Hence it’s essential to know the right course & institute to stick with.
The cost of studying in the USA involves planning for tuition fee, accommodation, living expenses and others. It’s essential to know whether it will be in your budget or not.
Preparation of the academic documents like mark sheets, course completion certificate, English proficiency test score, entrance exam score, etc is needed.
Plan to study in the USA by checking the intakes that are happening currently. The intakes such as fall, spring, summer are involved.
Keep your proof of identity, passport, and other documents updated.
Students are allowed to work 20 hours per week. Also, know about the after study requirements such as work and PR.

By taking the services of our US study consultancy in Karnal you’ll never have to worry about these requirements. We will guide the students in each process and make things easier.

us study visa consultants in karnal

Attend virtual fairs for US admissions through one of the best US study visa consultants in Karnal

US education consultants in Karnal for MS

Want to do MS in the US? Counsellors of our US education consultants in Karnal for MS will give guidance step by step to enter into the university to study. You can study any of the specialisations like CS, Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics, Chemical, etc with the help of us. We have tie-ups with 100’s of universities in the US and hence experts of our US education consultants in Karnal for MS know the requirements involved for each course and in institutes. Take action now!

US education consultants in Karnal for MBA

When it comes to MBA, there are many specialisations taking place and many universities and business schools offer the course. This makes students find difficulty in choosing the right one. But, our US education consultants in Karnal for MBA makes that simpler with the expertise we have and the partnerships we have with 100’s of universities. Not only guiding the students in the university process, our US education consultants in Karnal for MBA will assist you in other aspects like travel, accommodation, etc.

US education consultants in Karnal for BE

It’s known that year after year the ratio of students aspiring to do Engineering in the US increases constantly. Being the 25 years experienced US education consultants in Karnal for BE, we will guide the students from choosing the right courses to the right universities. We provide you the right guidance by evaluating your skills and ability. Our US education consultants in Karnal for BE will give the service that students look for.

US education consultants in Karnal for Arts

It’s difficult to find US education consultants in Karnal for arts education. In the industry for 25 years, we have become specialised in providing service and guidance for the arts course. Students may tend to be confused in making the choice of field and finding the institutes that offer their preferred course. Experts of Kanan International US education consultants in Karnal for arts make you fulfil your wish by giving professional guidance.

US education consultants in Karnal for Nurse & Medical

Kanan International has a separate team of expert US education consultants in Karnal for Nurse & Medical. Our professionals will help you to figure out the institute that matches your preference and specifications. As universities play an important role in students’ career paths, we have partnered with 100’s of universities to make the process simpler. Pursue your studies with the help of our US education consultants in Karnal for Nurse & Medical.

US education consultants in Karnal for MBBS

Our US education consultants in Karnal for MBBS have partnered with 150+ universities that offer various specialisations. Students looking to get into the institutes need to know about the admissions process and requirements involved for each specialisation. Not only with the admission and application process, they also need to be aware of the visa and immigration process to pursue MBBS. As the leading US education consultants in Karnal for MBBS we provide complete assistance for admission and immigration.

Roles & responsibilities of our US student visa consultants in Karnal

  • Admission & Application guidance
  • Institute & course guidance
  • Educational loan assistance
  • Scholarship offers
  • Travel guidance
  • Accommodation support
  • Forex services
  • Sim card arrangements
  • Visa processing
  • Documentation support
  • Ticket arrangements

10 reasons to study in the USA

  1. Students who attain degrees from US universities are widely accepted, recognized and have a great job scope, this is because of the quality of education that US institutes offer.
  2. Studying in the USA will give many choices of courses for students. Be it ug, pg, or any other, you’ll have plenty of fields to explore and excel.
  3. Most of the universities in the US are in the list of QS world university rankings 2022. As these rankings are measured on the basis of six metrics like teaching quality, research quality and others.
  4. There are a number of scholarships and grants available for international students who want to do their education in the US, this allows you to manage your study cost.
  5. International students can utilise the technology, equipment, resources available in the US institutes to improve their knowledge and skill set.
  6. Students looking to gain experience in researching & teaching can use the assistantship programs available in US institutes.
  7. By studying in the USA, it will be a great opportunity to master your English language and improve your fluency by interacting with the US people.
  8. Graduating from the world-class universities in the US, there will be a broader scope of career opportunities for students. Irrespective of the courses you study, you’ll have great demand for jobs.
  9. There are part-time jobs available for international students. You can work for 20 hours per week while studying in US universities, both on-campus and off-campus.
  10. Students from different countries come to the US to pursue their international studies. Thus you’ll get familiar with the diverse culture.

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