US education consultants in Vadodara

Are you in search of a leading consultancy for overseas education in countries like the US? While starting the journey from 1996, Kanan International has the vision to be the best and leading US education consultants in Vadodara. That makes us concentrate and provide every aspect that students are looking for and struggling with.

With the tie-ups of 150+ leading universities in the US, Kanan International is the education consultants for the USA which you need to look into. You’ll get the complete consultancy right from documentation, loan, travel, admission, application, visa, scholarship, and currency exchange assistance and also the study abroad exam coaching (IELTS, GRE, GMAT, SAT, TOEFL, etc).

us education consultants in vadodara

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10 reasons to choose our education consultants in Vadodara for US

It will be quite a stressful and difficult process to figure out the best education consultants in Vadodara for the US from many options available on the internet that match your preference. That’s why we compiled a list of reasons why you need to choose Kanan International and what makes us unique. Check the reasons below:

  • We have an extensive network to kickstart your studies in the leading universities in the US. We have partnerships with 150+ top-ranking universities and institutions across countries in the world.
  • 2
  • 25 years of our journey is still extending with the record of 1,00,000+ students starting their studies in countries such as the US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and more with our assistance.
  • 3
  • At Kanan International, we have a team of experienced, certified, and friendly consultants who provide the desired guidance and clarify all the queries of the students planning to immigrate to the US.
  • 4
  • Our guidance to make you choose the universities will not only be based on your preference, we first analyze your career path, the course you want to study and suggest the leading universities which are familiar for that course and assist you to land there.
  • 5
  • We offer assistance for application, visa processing, admission, university selection, documentation and also coaching for tests such as IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, GMAT, SAT, etc and much more to make you pursue your career.
  • 6
  • To start your studies in top QS ranking universities, first you need to complete your application. Our Admissions assistance will help you by giving the right guidelines to fill the application in a precise manner.
  • 7
  • Each country has separate visa requirements and the US is not the exception in it. The process can be quite frustrating if you aren't familiar with it. As the best student visa consultant in Vadodara we will make that easier for you.
  • 8
  • We offer assistance for services such as loan, financial aid, pre-departure, forex, travel, accommodation, and others till you reach there.
  • 9
  • Also, to make you feel comfortable, we’ll provide the network of our alumni to make your career journey easier.
  • 10
  • Along with the study abroad courses coaching, we also train you to appear for the interview by giving guidance to improve your personality development skill and also Spoken English.

These are the reasons that made students address Kanan International the best education consultants in Vadodara for the US. Don’t be late! Take our guidance today!

Reviews and testimonials about our US study consultancy in Vadodara

Check out the words of our alumni that make and show why our institute is the best US study consultancy in Vadodara.

testimonial 1

Jaimin Patel

Conestoga College

I've applied in Conestoga College in Fall 2020 intake. My experience with Kanan International is very satisfying. They helped me in all stages of student study permit such as applying for letter, receiving AIP, GIC, study permit, etc. I've received AIP in September intake and then after I received my visa in February 2021.

testimonial 1

Avisha Sanjay Kumar Patel

Centennial College

I've got admission into the Pharmacy Technician Course in Centennial College for the September 2021 intake. I want to thank Kanan for their great support and hospitality services.

testimonial 1

Bhargavi Patel

Georgian College

I got admission in Centennial College for the January 2021 intake. I'd like to thank Kanan International for giving me the best services in my visa process. My special thanks to Yash sir, who gave me his personal guidance during this process. Thank you.

Interested to know more about us or having questions to make decisions? Don’t hesitate to reach us. Talk to our experts of US study consultancy in Vadodara.

Achieve your global education dream with the best US education consultants in Vadodara

If you’re wishing to study undergraduate, graduate or any other courses in the top QS ranking US universities, you’ll get complete assistance from the best US education consultants in Vadodara like Kanan International to make your dream possible. Irrespective of the courses you choose, the courses like Engineering, Arts, MBA, Medical, Nursing, or any, being the best US education consultants in Vadodara we will provide you the complete support to make every process easier.

Why do you need the help of our US overseas education consultants in Vadodara?

Being in the field for years, updated with the trends, collecting ample information, assisting students in all aspects, our US overseas education consultants in Vadodara help you from avoiding major to silly mistakes to get your dream. Check out these reasons that you need to consider.
  • The process gets changed, updates will happen, doubts will occur, making the dream possible is frustrating when you try to make it by yourself. That’s why you need to get expert guidance from foreign education consultants in Vadodara like us.
  • With years of experience, we are familiar with the process, procedures that are involved in every stage and know the difficulty faced by students and hence are able to assist you.
  • You’ve to plan and think about many things when it comes to doing your studies abroad. From choosing the country, course, university, application, visa and it goes on. To save your time and make everything easier seek our assistance.
  • Selecting the right university and course is quite intimidating. But we make that easy by analyzing the scope, your skillset, career path and growth to make you choose the best.
  • If you’re tired of planning your finances and applying for the education loan, Kanan International comes handy. You don’t need to worry about the credit score, get loan approvals just by reaching us.
  • You can also seek scholarships to fulfil your dream. Kanan International rewards students every year with scholarships whose performance is great in English language tests and university entrance exams.
  • Preparing for the study abroad course needs more patience, skills, tactics and much more. At Kanan International we have dedicated trainers who have 10+ years experience in giving training for the courses and made many students achieve high scores.
  • The application you are about to complete establishes about you, and also the documents you need to submit will make you get shortlisted. That’s why you need expert assistance like us who are familiar with that.
  • Visa process and application is yet another frustrating task for the students who are unaware of it. Hence, our counsellors will guide you in each step from filling the application form to preparing the required documents.
  • Making your travel to the US does not end just with visa prep, it involves booking tickets, knowing the pre-departure process, travel insurance, forex assistance and other. We not only assist you for the study abroad, but also make your travel arrangements smoother.

From the above stated points, you’ll now be clear why you need the help of our US overseas education consultants in Vadodara. By taking guidance from our foreign education consultants in Vadodara, you’ll just relax and make your dream fulfil without any effort.

Only study in US consultants in Vadodara to provide entrance exam coaching

Wondering where to take coaching to show your English or aptitude ability? Don’t worry, we are study in US consultants in Vadodara who also provide study abroad courses training. The courses like IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, GMAT, SAT, etc which specialise with expert trainers, variety of batches, resources, sessions, discussions and many which make you score high in the first attempt itself. We proudly say that we are the only institute who provides study in US consultants in Vadodara and also the course coaching.

Fees for overseas education consultants in Vadodara for US

The fees for overseas education consultants in Vadodara for US will start from Rs. 10,000. The fees may vary based on the universities, courses, and the service you require for. If you’re looking for end to end consultancy at a much affordable rate, then choose our overseas education consultants in Vadodara for US without any further hesitation.

10 facts to know before taking services of US study consultancy in Vadodara

Age limit: There is no maximum age limit to study in the US. However, it’s needed to complete your high school education and you must be at least 18 years of age. For secondary education it varies.
Qualification required: Students who want to do secondary or high school education, undergraduate or graduate courses in the US need to have the minimum academic qualification based on the course they prefer.
Entrance exam: You need to clear any of the English language tests such as TOEFL or IELTS or PTE and General exam such as SAT or GRE or GMAT or LSAT based on the program you choose.
Preparation time for entrance exam: The time for preparation varies based on many factors. Kanan International also provides coaching for the study abroad courses whose duration varies based on the courses and batches.
Cost of studying in the USA: The cost of studying in the USA depends on the university, course, location you choose. Along with the study cost you need to plan your living expenses.
Intakes: There are 3 intakes available in the US. Students can choose their term of study from the intakes such as fall, spring, and summer.
On and Off-campus requirements: Students can work on-campus up to 20 hours/week or less during the academic period. To work off-campus you need to require documents issued by the USCIS or OISS.
Job opportunities: Being an international student there are plenty of job opportunities available while studying or after graduating. You can take advantage of Optional Practical Training (OPT) to work in the USA on your student visa.
PR requirements: After completing your first academic year, you can apply for permanent residency (PR) in the US.
Documents required: The documents required to apply for US universities are passport, academic marksheets, entrance exam score, English proficiency test score, LOR, SOP, resume, essays and proof of funds.

Ensure that you’ve got prepared with the above requirements before getting the service from our US study consultancy in Vadodara. You can also reach our counsellors to know the details.

us study visa consultants in vadodara

Attend virtual fairs for US admissions through one of the best canada study visa consultants in Vadodara

US education consultants in Vadodara for MS

To make the selection process easier for the students, our US education consultants in Vadodara have partnerships with hundreds of universities which contain a variety of specialisations. If you want to study any of the popular courses like computer science, mechanical subject related, information systems, etc in the leading universities, then get help from our US education consultants in Vadodara to get guaranteed admissions.

US education consultants in Vadodara for MBA

Want to become a MBA graduate in the top universities? Confused on choosing the right universities? Seek expert advice by reaching our US education consultants in Vadodara. Looking for any particular specialisations or familiar courses like human resource, marketing, finance? Don’t break your head! Make it easier with our US education consultants in Vadodara.

US education consultants in Vadodara for BE

Aspiring to do Engineering in the top ranking universities? Overwhelmed with the plenty of choices? Don’t worry, experts at our US education consultants in Vadodara for BE will help you to choose the right university, course by analysing your interest and ability. There are many types of engineering courses available, courses like electronic, electrical, chemical, civil, mechanical, computer and many. Whatever course you want to study, our US education consultants in Vadodara for BE will assist you to choose the best for you.

US education consultants in Vadodara for Arts

Kanan International US education consultants in Vadodara fulfil your study abroad dream  by providing you with information and suggestions regarding the universities that involve arts courses. Irrespective of the field you want to study, our US education consultants in Vadodara will help you get entry in the university you prefer.

US education consultants in Vadodara for Nurse & Medical

Looking to get into Nurse & Medical? Get insights from our US education consultants in Vadodara to choose the best university-based on your requirements. Studying nursing in the US universities offers you great employment opportunities. And, by the expert guidance of our US education consultants in Vadodara, you can choose the specialisation that suits your interest and skills.

US education consultants in Vadodara for MBBS

To study MBBS in the US, you need to have a pre-medical course, MCAT exam score, English proficiency test score, and submit documents for admissions. At our US education consultants in Vadodara we make the process easier. Our counsellors will guide you, know your skills, area of interest and suggest to you the universities that offer great learning. With the tie-ups of 100+ universities, our US education consultants in Vadodara assist you to pursue the career without difficulties.

Roles & responsibilities of our US student visa consultants in Vadodara

  • SOP/Resume writing
  • Visa Assistance
  • Ticketing assistance
  • SIM card services
  • Accommodation arrangements
  • Forex help
  • Travel Insurance support
  • Travel assistance support
  • Pre-departure support
  • Education loan arrangement
  • Scholarships guidance
  • Virtual Fairs from top USA universities
  • Admission and application assistance
  • Country, course, university selection

10 reasons to study in the USA

  1. Top universities: As per the QS world university rankings 2022, half of the top 100 universities in the world are located in the US.
  2. Variety of courses: You have a great opportunity to choose the field of study based on your interest. You don’t have to restrict yourself with a few specialisations in the USA.
  3. Career opportunities: Getting a degree from the reputed US universities, there will be a great scope for your career path. You can take an on-campus job, internships while studying.
  4. Research & Training opportunities: International students can benefit from the research & training opportunities offered by US universities at graduate level. You can also assist professors in researching.
  5. Quality of education: Quality of education offered by US universities will be top-notch. The top-ranking universities in the US are weighed by the most important metric of teaching & research quality.
  6. Support to International students: Most US universities provide great guidance and support to the students related to career, job opportunities, accommodation, etc.
  7. Scholarship opportunities: There are numerous scholarships available in the US universities. Some scholarships cover a tuition fee, living expenses, and some are based on merit.
  8. Great Classroom experience: The classrooms of US universities and institutes are well equipped with updated technology. Not only classrooms, their labs, research departments are also involved.
  9. Campus life: For the students looking to get great campus life, will opt for any of the universities in the US. The universities and colleges in the US offer amazing facilities for students.
  10. Diversity: You can get the opportunity to explore new places, meet new people, know different cultures, master your English language.

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